What Makes Online Learning Good

It seems that online learning is becoming a dominant solution to education. Some have made the comparisons to Uber.

Online learning can be a powerful method of education if you use it correctly. With companies like Coursera, Udacity, and several others offering free or low cost training courses, online learning can get at a market barrier through institutions that haven’t thought it through in a long time.

One big advantage that we have today, over the past two decades, is access to technology, which gives us access to some pretty extraordinary tools. Of course, there are things that go into these tools that aren’t always immediately clear to us. Many kids and adults don’t feel comfortable going online for homework, so a learning platform that teaches and guides you to just getting online and working on homework, can open up a new world of content that can be a massive boon. This just takes a bit of thought and can lead to a positive education.

In order to get a better look at online learning and how it can work for you, I wanted to share some insight from some pretty interesting people with some helpful phrases:

Take it step by step as you choose your next course. According to these experts, the key is to find a means to frame your interests into the opportunities that are out there. In other words, figure out your primary and secondary interests, and then study them. Once you have decided what to do, be prepared to be a lifelong learner and get the education you need.

More critically for the purposes of this piece, you might find that what you have found is incredibly compelling. Or you might find that you never had enough time to work a single class into your schedule and are strongly inclined to move on to something else. Go with the flow. Just go. You won’t regret it.

Content still matters. Even though these educators might be encouraging you to dive in head first and learn it all, the content still matters. They recommend not “falling in love” with a course or a program, but finding something that really catches your attention and that seems relevant, or that you are most likely to use when you have an important present or a difficult test coming up. Perhaps you need something specific for a job interview or plan to teach yourself something new.

Tween and lower school students will often want to learn about their job field or deal with a particular issue. Teenagers might want to do data science for a job, with an eye toward a career in the future. Professional development is always valuable for students, even those away from traditional classrooms. Businesses love people with a solid work ethic and an understanding of how to get the job done, so finding a company with a track record in something you’re interested in is important.

Taking up video-based education as a child will be your defining path for a career. One of the most common reasons students stop taking summer school or simply drop out of school, and have trouble succeeding, is due to a lack of comprehension. The way to improve those skills is to immerse yourself in the available content. Then, evaluate your experience and decide on a pursuit.

Some of the most powerful items the students I spoke with for this article share are the importance of study sessions, lots of snacks, relaxation breaks, and balanced, self-paced coursework. This means that you’re getting your course content in the hands of a teacher and you’ll be doing all the work yourself – no software necessary. That makes it a much more rigorous experience, and there is no frustration at the end of the day that a computer wants or needs your work. For many students, that makes this a far superior option to traditional college courses.

Diving in and taking up an online program as a full time student can be a tremendous experience. The stress, the anxiety, and the anxiety about what’s next really, really can sometimes impact student experience. But if you do the right preparation, and do it well, it can be a great way to sharpen your problem solving and honing your communication skills.

Learning and utilizing information online can, at times, take away the intimidation factor from learning new content. This is particularly true when there is true mastery involved. That’s true whether it is something like science or math, which are difficult and analytical and very many times that takes a professor’s mentorship. But through online learning, professors can drop you in and you really won’t know what hit you, because you have used software and thought it through. This means that even in the case of a particularly challenging course, a lack of perfection can still be used as a positive thing to overcome some of the uncertainty about what is ahead.

Today, we are in a world where the practice and application of technology is taught in the classroom. If you are the type of person who wants to utilize the resources available in online education to their fullest potential, then you can use this to your advantage and reap the rewards in terms of your career.

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