What Learning Strategies Work Online

Here are some online learning resources that are highly effective.

Learning the structure of various modes of instruction should be done thoughtfully.

Parents, teachers, and learners alike can learn a great deal from online experts. Here is a list of how to learn the best techniques in online instruction:

Try to get a sense of the overall composition of a class.

Some students will be intuitive. They will make their way from one instructor to the next with relative ease. Others might feel a bit lost. No matter how they are fumbling, see how and when they adapt.

Beware of false ease. This might involve a student who skips a few courses before peeling herself off the go-easy path and taking the leap into serious learning.

2. Remembering a Procedure

If an instructor is explaining something, quickly get a sense of what it is that he or she is talking about.

Here are a few examples:

“When I teach a course, I have students set up their laptops in a group setting. This allows them to view individual course content without having to sit in a different room from one another.”

“The character group learns about being a guardian angel, a mentor, or a vigilante.”

“Students are able to download and run Flash animation by selecting their seat, making a selection from a category, and asking for help. This way, they have the advantage of not taking on too much of the material or being taught too much.”

“My students work on my video lectures on their own terms.”

“When creating an end-of-term project, my students take their projects into the class, then share them.”

“Sometimes I finish a lesson in under 20 minutes.”

“When my students complete a lesson, they send me an email or text, so I have an idea about how much work they’ve put in.”

“It’s a time-saver to teach via Skype. It saves me a few hours each month.”

4. Getting the Support You Need

Whether you are the only instructor or a group of instructors, there is always room for change. As you practice and tweak your techniques, chances are you will want to add an extra element of change to an existing course, e.g., review objectives after each session.

In this process, you can change how each student sees the work. This can turn around an entire class, or even a module of a course. As an instructor, it’s imperative to get ahead of the curve in this area. Use the resources that are available to you. Here are the best tools for ensuring your course is ready for revision:

5. Looking for Professional Growth

What started out as a pleasant learning experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are some of the quick ways to start learning how to deal with that scenario:

Keep your eye on the prize. Resist the temptation to berate, lecture, and bully your students into doing what you want. Stick to objectives. Academic improvement is all about sharing assignments. You are here to share meaningful information about the material. Help your students focus on student understanding, not assignments. Don’t rely on slang. Everything you say should be factual. Show your students the relevance of each term and unit of study. Display your true colors. Your students should see that you care about them. Expose your tough spots, your embarrassing moments, and your embarrassingly bad puns. Learning from your mistakes can sometimes take a lot of guts, but it will also set you apart from other instructors.

Make sure that your students will follow your lead. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. As an instructor, you will only grow from this experience. Learn from your mistakes. They are, after all, your instruction.

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