What Kind Of Server Would Hold 100k Students For Online Learning

Forget Los Angeles. Akum Austin’s startup is trying to break the mold.

What Kind Of Server Would Hold 100k Students For Online Learning

Supervisors have long used services to help manage staff. What kind of courseware are companies using to make teaching easier?

For companies looking to push a train-of-thought-until-it-turns-round around the bottom line, it’s no surprise to see many relying on courseware, typically called video lessons, as they seek to put their product into action. But are these videos ready for a place in a university classroom, where students come looking for personalized, proactive instruction? And where are the current solutions if these students need a tutor?

If courseware were as easy to use as a mobile app, instructors might quit their day jobs and dive into producing the very lessons they wish to share with their students. As it stands, though, learning materials are still typically loaded into a digital locker. With paper on the back of a lecturer’s shirts and books stuffed into sleeves, it’s an inefficient environment.

To put aside obstacles and channel energy in a more productive and easy-to-use way, SOURCE just announced the availability of its new STREAM management solution for SOURCE courses, providing companies with digital inventory that can be pulled from Amazon, Google Cloud, SOURCE.com, and other backend storage options.

SOURCE STREAM can help companies stock up on classes while giving their professors the ability to expand and manage coursework in ways never considered before.

SOURCE STREAM transforms a company’s library of courses and enables course adoption and management that allows course expansion from previous versions, targeting not only professors but also students. If you only take advantage of the platform for a private course, SOURCE STREAM offers a single inventory that can be loaded into your Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud repository, as well as SOURCE.com and additional services, making it an easy move into the public repository world.

Additionally, SOURCE STREAM makes it possible for classroom utilization to be driven by students. Now, instructors can look at the class list and filter by number of students taking a certain course at a given time, as well as check the student statistics tables during class so they can see which students are struggling, and who can benefit from additional help.


SOURCE delivers private instruction in an efficient, personalized, and unlimited way. By hosting lectures, courses, and educational videos for universities and corporations, SOURCE provides efficient course planning, access to resources, course teaching efficiency, and collaboration over the course of the entire academic year. The company has had over 40 enterprises manage over 100,000 students at more than 220 universities and businesses, and has won awards like 2018 Most Outstanding Online University (Gartner) and the Educational Technology Honors Award 2018. To learn more, visit www.sourceschool.com.

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