What Kind Of Online Learning Does A Biology Class Have

What kind of online learning does a biology class have? This program allows you to learn biology in any kind of setting.

What Kind Of Online Learning Does A Biology Class Have

Life gets in the way of learning — sometimes far enough that it stops you in your tracks. If you’ve learned in school that learning is like life, then it’s probably easier to imagine learning out in the real world as learning like life, with all of the classes and courses we sign up for each day, from take-home workbooks to long weekends filled with tests and labs.

Learn this while you can, because, frankly, life can leave us with a pretty short memory span. Between work and family responsibilities, it’s easier to forget that all that taking notes on a locked whiteboard or sitting through a weekend workshop and examining your tutor’s PowerPoint slides just weeks ago. But thankfully, because life is a living laboratory and online learning technology is better than ever, you can learn a lot more while taking life offline.

What kind of online learning does a biology class have?

Since everything from online courses to accelerated lab coursework can require sitting down and logging into a digital content management system, there are literally hundreds of online learning platforms available. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular ones and how they can be seamlessly integrated into your school’s learning environment:

Academy for Advancement of Philosophy

Academy for Advancement of Philosophy was founded in 2013 as a language site, but quickly shifted its focus and adopted the lingo of pop culture into its visual design. The site is a great hub of learning for science enthusiasts and a must-use on its own (you don’t need a syllabus to access the stories in the Early Edition chapters, which is extremely useful for science grads). However, when it comes to making your own science-focused stories, take a look at the fact-based Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, which is filled with hundreds of animations and narratives that allow you to become a scientist in your own right.


Mathletes is the go-to free online testing platform for high school math classes. Unlike most other mobile-based schools, Mathletes boasts an incredible library of tools to use during your tests, including graphing calculators and quizzes, and you can test others at no cost as well. It’s also a fascinating multimedia tool for shows and movies, highlighting your moves by adding graphic components and cuing up music.


Coursera is actually a massive online collaboration that offers open classes (via Open Online Courses) from several of the top universities in the world, including Stanford, Yale, and Georgetown. Many of its courses use the Internet to reach more students, while others are geared toward professional development (such as degree completion for health professionals and post-secondary school preparation for college students). If you’re wondering how to join the company, one of the most important questions you need to answer is, “What’s the amount of time and how much money I want to invest?”


Every class will involve some type of assessment, and SmarterChild is an open source and offline assessment platform that allows you to adapt the question-and-answer context of most online courses to work in a live group, meaning you get a form of face-to-face interaction, even when you’re on the road.


Heroku is one of the best-known online learning platforms, offering classes in large batches via a global network of open source textbooks and research articles. It’s a great place to look for class-specific content geared toward your subject of study, and it has modules specifically designed for groups. Unlike most tools that allow you to complete a few tasks in one hour, Heroku allows you to study an entire semester in one hour, so you can really work through your courses at your own pace.


WeChat lets you to use, interact with, and get help for homework and tests by offering a free “minder” for online learning. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll get notified when your tutor sends out an alert and then see the above chart that is designed to help you work toward a final grade and is important for kids who are busy doing extracurriculars and work.

Beyond your experiences with online learning, these platforms all have a few things in common:

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