What It Is Alison Online Learning

AlisonOnline Learning Learning is a course taught on International Day of the Girl Child on November 11, 2018.

What It Is Alison Online Learning

Alison is a brave new world of “We the Citizens”!

I for one believe this new form of enlightenment is going to eradicate a number of evil, inimical governments and propitiate the unloved in our world to a dreamer a little bit. Good stuff going on.

For those of you who do not know why I am writing this letter, my grandparents were German patriots. My grandfather escaped from Poland in 1938, went to Germany and was captured by the Nazis. They sent him to Auschwitz, where he eventually made it to a deportation camp where his wife was killed. After going through a number of shonky camps, he was eventually liberated.

He went into federal prison and stayed there through the war. It was there, outside of camp where my father worked, and a man stood in front of him waving a book. The book was The Communist Manifesto. As stated in the book, as it was written, the Wall Street banks gained control over the means of production. They used the hoarding and speculation of the market to enrich themselves to the tune of $130 billion, without paying taxes. That was treason to the state and any reactionary state is a noose around the nation’s neck. The means of production was the defining factor. The only way in which society could be controlled was by the state.

The man in front of my father stole the book from him and he set out to learn what his fellow man was going through under such prejudicial control. He spent his entire life, until very recently, reading about humanity and trying to make sense of what it meant to be human. He certainly had a superior scientific mind, but my dad is a spiritual man as well, and taught us to do the same. That’s why he was embraced by Nazi and Communist officials and generals alike. He respected the purity of their human being essence, the truth of our existence. He was a refusenik during the time of Hitler, but a brilliant man in his own way.

My dad was part of the Nazi intelligentsia and so too, in his time, was my grandfather. His theories made him a hero, but to my dad, it was the ideals and truth he communicated to me, it was what he believed in. When I went to a socialist fancy college for a year I had many difficulties being part of a group that shared their parents values with my cousins because we were both also in grad school. We shared a lot more than even I realized, and we could not understand how to reconcile our beliefs.

My grandfather kept up the visual examinations. After WWII he kept tabs on the communists.

He created my first thesis, which was a demonstration of how a communist regime was corrupt. He followed that up with a profound criticism of a socialist congress with delegates that he elected to head committees. Those activists, who did not know what they were doing, were becoming just like the Reds, he warned. This was their second master, the fraud of this system, and they would soon become their more influential son. We could not win from on high, but I was determined to get the ideas to out to every one I could, and never give up. That is why I was able to write my incredible trilogy, Shining City Upon a Hill, Desperate Journey and Illuminate to produce a book I believe was written by my grandfather who was an obsessive researcher and genius.

In this way, I heard for myself what his favourite thinkers were saying, as they kept digging deeper and deeper and more and more deeply into the history of our people.

It was a nice experience to follow this conversation, which got me into a good book that made me know the truth about freedom and the principles and actions of the first principles of the USA, and the documents I hold most dear. My being in the US under this glorious government allowed me to gain a much higher perspective. We have not seen the last of the Nazi-Cuban nexus or their being driven from power. I say the “told you so” over and over again, and the book I am writing makes that argument as eloquently as I can.

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