What It Is Alison Online Learning

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What It Is Alison Online Learning

For everyone who has come across or considered the term Alison, you may be wondering what the hell is online learning and what you should be doing with it.

For some time now, most schools in America have incorporated online and blended learning in their offerings as a means to provide the curriculum along with the opportunity for teachers to be more accessible to students. The primary thought here being the ability to take your lessons anywhere and everywhere your need it, online or off. With options such as a personal tutor, a collaborative learning tool like a laptop, or I don’t know what the heck, someone willing to pay you to teach them, it’s a whole lot of fun to be taught while pushing your limits in terms of time, stress, and effectiveness.

Alison was birthed from the necessity of embracing an increasingly fragmented educational system in a nation that has seen quite a bit of successful programs from other cultures around the world. While the concept of working with online technology has been around since the dawn of the online age, Alison specifically was designed to enable and support greater interaction and customization.

The simple premise of it all is to take lessons from anywhere or any situation, give them structure, and give you something to do with them.

The complex notion is to embrace the natural creativity and vitality of the child while giving themselves that pleasure of forging their own path and learning more about the world around them. This is what makes Alison so, well, awesome.

Here’s why.

Part of why we have Alison, and why we keep coming back for more, is because you have to read what you read.

No need to consult your canned, fashion-happy child’s Handbook, Nurture Your Child To The Most Remarkable You (Please). And no need to attend to their restless impulses, achingly necessary because when you give them something like Alison, nothing is too much trouble.

A few examples from Alison.

Let’s say your child has long desired to be a zookeeper. Alison is just the tool they’ll need to make that happen. It has everything to do with chance and how you teach to use information to make it happen. It’s more than just a path to a dream; it’s a turn-of-phrase. Because if you’re Allison, you can talk them into it.

And you can stop arguing with them about it. If they ask you to visit the zoo and then fail to return, you can say you ran into some roadblocks and leave. Or you can tell them that you’ve made a string of mistakes that make you tired of telling them to go for it and make it happen. With Allison, all they have to do is identify that they had no intention of failing to find their way, and they’re in business.

Another example.

Your little girl is going to college. Once again, you might have heard plenty about this concept about online and blended learning, and with good reason. If you don’t, the fact that some 20 million students do it every year demonstrates its growing popularity. Yet it remains a completely misunderstood term. That might be because those in charge seem more focused on making sure everybody knows what your kids will get out of their stay in school. It’s more important to us to make sure they graduate high school than it is to teach them something.

Now, you would think that Allison would help to pull you in on the theory that, yes, technology and education do go hand in hand, but that don’t have to go hand in hand. Is it simply easier to say it when we know that we’re not going to talk about it?

My heart aches for the many struggling parents who worry, “Is Alison really going to make it easy for my kid to take the next step?” It’s a valid question, especially because we all know that Alison didn’t pull the plug on themselves. And because if we do, we all lose.

I started teaching back in 2005. The blog took off in 2013. I still don’t know everything, the term mashup doesn’t inspire me, but it works for me. Because if you’re a parent today, you have to ask yourself, “Who is Alison? What makes her so amazing? How can we use that creativity to serve our children?”

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