What Is Usu Online Flexible Learning

How can I get my team motivated to take a shorter workweek or more virtual job? Who do I reach out to?

Tidbit: UnSucceed requires educators to assign a particular career path for each child and track their progress online in the Usu system to enable free, unlimited online education, including parent support.

Anyone who has created a profile on the Usu platform (which kids can use after registration) can be tracked with nearly everything they do online. Anything they type into a search field (like that of a school or of school names) is tracked. It’s super easy to make friends or to be in a conversation. The updates sent to your profile show just how active you’ve been and gives a feeling of how important your learning is to Usu. Kids can call you, too, because they can call teachers, instructors, or other parents and administrators with the push of a button.

Pediatrician Kate Auger of Santa Monica, California, has been working with Usu since June 2017 and hasn’t stopped being impressed with it. “The whole system is great. There’s no hidden costs, you don’t get to set up passwords and you don’t need a credit card or any of the other things that other online programs have,” she told me. She’s seen some amazing outcomes in her patients’ lives. “We all talk about things like ADHD and ADD on TV, but the Usu system shows kids that you can be smart and also have an abundant brain. So many of the kids have been able to take incredible leaps and bounds in learning that it’s been so uplifting for them.”

There are teachers in each classroom on Usu, but each Usu member does have his or her own teacher. Parents and teachers can communicate with each other as well. Teachers are watching their kids closely, but students get an enormous amount of freedom to learn and create. That can lead to interesting outcomes, especially for the kids who don’t typically have a lot of exposure to the kinds of high-level academic activities that they will experience in a regular class.

“In the summer, when we’re not grading our midterm or our final, I’m not in my office, where I can get done work or work from home,” Auger said. “I’m on Usu, where I’m so busy facilitating and coaching kids that I’m really getting to know their individual skills and interests.”

Lots of the students in her family have raised their grades in high school, and she’s hopeful that her own daughter, Maya, who’s a sophomore, will do the same. “I think she’s in good hands with [Usu]. I can watch her, so I don’t have to be in her room,” she said.

“One of the things I see as a striking advantage of the system is that, while I have years of experience as a teacher, it allows me to take that time to just focus on coaching kids and guiding them into figuring out how to do something by themselves.”

For anyone who is concerned about the involvement of teachers and admins, as well as online bullying, Auger has some good news: “There’s a system in place so that it’s manageable and people can see each other’s presence online. If you want to monitor your kid’s chat with their teacher, I think that’s perfectly reasonable, but there are no big fears there.”

Two terms: A student can return to a previous grade until he or she completes that grade. You can participate in this exchange and take your child back even if it means cramming one year of high school into one semester. You can even bring the grades earned on the other course back to grade your student’s original grade.

Other terms: One term is expected to complete; subsequent classes are not expected to finish but the student can complete them.

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