What Is The Safest Online Language Learning System

Learning how to spell can be frustrating. Just ask my mom.

I’m all about “sessions,” and a perfect session with a well-designed lesson sounds terrific. After all, anyone who’s ever taken a class knows how stressful being forced to sit there and memorize by another person can be.

Maybe you and I love the idea of by-request, non-mandatory fun (well, actually I love it; I think most of us would, too), but if you’re schooled in the model of “keep it to yourself” and don’t want your child learning online, there are other options that are considerably safer than learning via an app.

In an online session, someone can peer over your shoulder, looking for words and phrases that they know you can’t be bothered to memorize. If you don’t know it, you need to be ready to list it as a memory aide. It’s a bit different than the more seated version of a class, but it’s just as important.

I learned that lesson from Johnny.

Yeah, I’m not Johnny, but back when he was 6, I had a lot of trouble keeping every bingo word and his mom liked how it made him talk. There’s nothing worse than for kids to be forced to learn by an older person, and I’m glad Johnny felt his skill was valuable enough that, after just one session, he wanted to repeat it.

(You’ll still want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he learned it somehow, but it’s nice to know he didn’t simply forget every word. In fact, I’m willing to bet he played with it several times after that first session.)

That first session meant not only that his mom liked it, but it meant a lot to him. He went through a period of not playing with playthings at home for a long time, as he had a ton of new words and expressions to learn. I still look back on that time as more of a problem than anything else, because it took time and effort to get him to try to do it at home.

One of the best parts of creating your own session is that you’re in charge.

I don’t need someone else to tell me a word or phrase I don’t know exists. What I need is someone to approach me with an idea and ask if I have an idea that I want to try.

I don’t need to use the same words or have that same theme. I need to bring something new to the table that I don’t know about. When we teach words in the classroom, we have a tendency to assume kids know what they need to learn. It’s easy to forget they’re so young.

And at the other end of that spectrum, I’m pretty sure we’ve given the kids a pretty good litmus test.

Only once has something I’ve worked on been tested by kids. The word was “artificial intelligence.” Yes, the entire class thought it was artificial.

LOL. I mean, seriously, really?

Every session I’ve created for my son has been different. We’ve spoken with my husband and daughter, read stories, I’ve looked at YouTube, we’ve written creative writing prompts. When it comes to content, it’s a wide open field.

And now that we have a language other than English in our home, it’s certainly worth doing. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be boring; it can be incredible. Learn French? There are millions of french words already out there. Why not use them to fulfill the boredom bill?

Looking for a “safe” way to learn is great for learning slowly. It will take some time and patience, which is what you already learn at home. But if you have the time and the time is unlimited, going online is a better option than sitting in an embarrassing shushface the entire time.

Better still, once you’ve learned it, you’ll be ready to try on more and offer your child to classmates as they try to do the same. It’s time well spent.

Do you have a solution? Or maybe you need some help with getting kids to learn. Got a day planned in 2019? Share your questions or problems with a pal, or other words for BOSS. Join us on Twitter and Facebook.

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