What Is The Purpose On Online Learning Forums

Online learning forums are front and center for employees looking to sharpen their career skills. We discuss the different business-oriented online learning forums, why they matter and how they can help employees find the best training solutions.

I’ve read the title of this post twice. I can’t remember the last time I actually had an idea (like dropping the cat’s litter) in the moments before sitting down to write a blog post. But that’s basically the main thing I do. After a few minutes of thinking about it, I composed an update on my ex-girlfriend, Tessa, and our charity drive for her brain tumor awareness group. It was actually pretty good.

Online forums are all the rage at the moment, and they’re everywhere. I could have tuned in to a tech and engineering podcast, or plugged into a financial planner or personal trainer, or read a cute story or nutrition tip or how-to-expertise, but instead, I snuck in and punched my heart out. These are the spaces and the communities where we share our experiences, our classes, our ideas, and possibly our painful fails. And in many ways, they’re a wonderful thing.

But then there’s the other aspect of this, too. There are a lot of people who aren’t all that different from me on these forums. The thought processes, the language, the interactions — they are simply not different enough to separate me from anyone else. That’s easy for me to say, because I’ve been a few steps away from these spaces and just occasional casual participants in a few.

But we also need to talk about a space that’s “just” getting smaller and smaller, as small communities die out and websites shut down.

Over the years, I’ve had a few times where the dreaded harassment from trolls really got to me. And they were less vicious than in the past, at least not for me. Some people did insult me, no doubt, but I wasn’t getting called names like “queer.” There was very little in the way of physical threat, except for some once in a while phone call I have a case of from someone who insists his space is free and not under attack. That is, of course, if they care to stop picking on my computer. I lost my email one day to someone wanting to hear me curse and point to my keyboard. Mostly, though, it was just ugly language and general aggravation.

But when you use these platforms and forums to unload on friends and family or exes, you risk only a few apples. What, a half a pound? Do you see where I’m going with this? This is not good for anybody — especially not for you if your privacy is compromised and you’re going to be judged about what you say or what you share on the internet.

If you really think that you can attack or hurt a good friend or loved one by posting it on a forum, take a deep breath and do something else. If you have something really uncomfortable or painful you want to say to someone, write it down somewhere that you’re going to carry in your backpack and put it somewhere safe when it’s time to say it. Use a note pad. On a computer, it’s old school and it might just get lost or damaged and you might be judged more for what you write. On a paper note pad, you can really talk and express and rewrite, and even edit. Perhaps, you’ll even remember exactly what was said. Or perhaps it will just stay in the back of your mind and go back into the ether.

I can’t speak for you and not judge you. I’d like to say you’re cool, and how you feel about this forum is up to you. But I’d like to also say there are other outlets online (and offline!) where you can say the things you need to without fearing arrest, a jailhouse cell, and a lawsuit. Stay safe and stay safe from your own echo chamber. I’m sorry if you went there.

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