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Me and my husband decided to become major spectators at the World of Beauty, featuring acclaimed hairstylist, industry icons, and face of hair sustainability, Marco Sebastian.

Marco Sebastian was the best on the planet. He put my husband in handcuffs during one tête-à-tête with gorgeous Kate Bosworth, and I know a thing or two about working my way out of jail and these are the lengths I’ll go to.

There were countless beauticians lined up for customers in around the 4 hour salon

At that point, I simply hadn’t known what to expect. I had read reviews online, but even the most astute guest had rarely been in the chair with Marco Sebastian—could there be anything more menacing to this beauty industry icon, than to stand in front of a mirror and watch a woman scrunch her face into a mask? I was in for a big surprise.

With focus and purpose, Marco taught us invaluable insights into the beauty industry, painting the industry as very similar to that of the restaurant business. Marco had a mission to recreate salon business as it was during the 1950’s, albeit a sartorial one. The social fabric that existed in the 1950’s were very different than the competition today, and so was the industry itself. Instead of the usual collage of men and women with styles, men tended to dress as leisure, while women were hypersexualized.

Marco Sebastian had been in an industry that didn’t support people being genuine and self-assured

Due to this being a very different time and a time of transformation in fashion, hairstylists of the time generally wore a lot of makeup and boasted of often fawning clientele. After working with such a world of outward glitz and glamour, Marco began to understand the human psyche and the delicate delicate nature of the post 50’s field. He realized that the cosmetics industry was very similar to his salon, and so today we embrace the old and the new, and find beauty in the heart of all things.

Marco Sebastian’s iconic mirrors show the social fabric of the 1950’s—a far cry from today

Marco and my husband were obsessed with trying to find someone that could match his belief in social style of the 60’s and 70’s, but ultimately, no such one existed, and so they instead looked for something they felt existed, and ultimately stumbled upon the idea of the modern day denim jacket. Marco thought denim would be so perfect, that just the idea of it would allow women to come into the salon straight from work and wear it with flat shoes.

Marco taught us about significance of denim’s social influence

Marco understood that the jeans in the denim jacket represented women, and often this meant their identity. Marco’s own identity stemmed from the time he spent as a young person in The Bronx. Marco lived on the Grand Concourse, a very masculine area of the Bronx. He didn’t like it at all, but he saw a lot of potential for a rebirth of the New York nightlife scene, and so he attempted to create the essence of that vision, although his color didn’t quite work. Marco worked at a place called The Diner, which was a little off the beaten path to big chains and the big stores, and Marco admitted he saw a lot of potential in the décor of that diner.

Marco Sebastian portrayed the magic of 70s and 80’s fashion in the reality of today’s field

He introduced many aspects of the post 50’s to the salon. Expectations of women from the sixties and 70’s, my husband and I are convinced was for the height of our careers. He revolutionized the field of hairstyling through changing the end of haircuts, which is what became one of the biggest shifts in the styling business.

The beauty culture and our ability to maneuver through it were both enhanced through Marco Sebastian’s explanation of beauty history and business and how that evolved. Marco Sebastian helped redefine the notion of hairstyling, through the original purpose of the industry, while explaining current concepts to a woman sitting in front of a mirror, in about half an hour.

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