What Is The Purpose Of Research In Online Learning

Research in learning is essential for online learning. Some techniques used by instructors in online learning provide critical perspectives that give an advantage over other online courses.

I study online learning. You know, virtual schools, small classes, massive online courses — all kinds of “Online” like SBLCs, LGBTQ videos, and MSi exams. Because when someone — me — wonders “Why?” the following question is a quick and easy answer.

Rethinking the purpose of online learning is the latest area of research to try to shed light on the future of education, and just a few years back, someone told me I was seriously deficient. At this point, I’m about five decades of learning behind, but maybe that’s a good thing?

I am not the only one studying online learning; my fellow members of the education publication classes, I’m often the unsung genius that turns leads into leads and turns leads into information. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or instruction, you’ll find what you’re looking for in my carefully curated classes.

Why are you studying online?

I’ve been interested in these questions since early childhood. When I was 8, I was abducted by a stranger near a country park. My sense of security was shattered and my confidence shaken, and with them, my joy for learning was compromised forever. Over the years, I developed a stronger sense of destiny, but along the way, I also learned that an offline classroom had more power, comfort, and an innate goal-focused mindset.

Learning online helped me make dramatic strides to regain my confidence. It taught me that learning is how you gain trust in yourself and what we call experiential learning.

People who leave campus are generally afraid to try something they’ve never done before, but online learning became an awesome way to expand my potential. I love my studies now, as a result of taking classes in a small, intimate setting; one that was tailored to my personality; and a space that promotes independence.


Online learning also provides another benefit: It provides self-exploration opportunities, no matter what the topic is. With virtual lessons you can express yourself in a language you have never studied and master a new concept — and I didn’t even need an online platform to do that.

Online learning gives you the freedom to explore new ideas, achieve your goals, and feel the freedom to fail. I’ve learned to experiment and then find ways to get better. After an online class, my mind is constantly challenged. And when you succeed, I can’t imagine having a better support system.

You know those rules when you find yourself stumped? They don’t apply to online learning.

The internet — like you, me, and everything else — is a great teacher. The machines are teaching us new things, opening new doors, and more, so you have nothing to fear.

College journalism: You are not a cog in the machine. You are a rider.

You are part of a learning community. Our online classrooms have more “live” than many brick-and-mortar options, and this adds to the community vibe.

Every online learning experience is completely different. Don’t believe me? I’ve sat in the lecture hall in a massive online course; I’ve taken the classroom experience online and back again; I’ve taken a single-course online and then a multi-course online, and I just completed a five-course advanced series.

I do an undergraduate and master’s program at the University of Oregon and receive correspondence degrees. From the United States Online University, a nonprofit online education network, to one of the nation’s preeminent online education providers: Coursera. I don’t see online learning as a requirement, nor do I view it as an equal to the traditional education. In fact, I don’t think it should be held to that standard. We can bring more meaning and purpose to our learning experience by leaving it out of the realm of necessity and focusing on curiosity, creativity, discovery, and development.

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