What Is The Purpose Of Online Learning Forums

Bubbling under the radar, forums and online learning communities are open for all to join. Here are our 5 most popular venues for discussions and tips.

As a creative, aspiring artist I was always outside looking in, searching for my place in the world and in art. I knew some people in the arts, but most people seemed to be in it for the money. What I found online was a different vision for art and creativity: craft, not fame, focus on making something new that is really true to yourself, pure passion — and a whole lot of love for art.

At first, I never knew where to go, so I would watch YouTube videos and Pinterest or Etsy pins about where to go to seek it out. I was making art for a living but wanted to get creative in my free time, so I would spend my days using online forums and forums that offered advice and information. I would browse art blogs, and eventually I started making videos.

Six months into making videos, I went to YouTube to see what videos were popular, how much people were watching them, and how much time I was spending making them. My YouTube username was “Mymitjacose” and the video was called, “How to make some friends as a creative person.” I had no idea this was going to be the beginning of my long journey in online learning and online art.

Our culture is more and more addicted to knowledge, especially information. So as I began producing more videos, I began to wonder, “What are the perks of this? What is the purpose of this?”

I loved making videos and I wanted to continue doing that, but my time constraints limited how much I could. As I got into making more videos, I was able to build audience, and, fortunately, it became one of my favorite things to do. My commute would get me a little tired, so on the way home I would spend a couple of hours in the studio creating videos that I shared with my YouTube following.

My first YouTube video was about the art of finger painting, featuring a fun sponge painting project, then a few months later, I made a short film called, “Creativity After Work.” I took inspiration from my commute home, my commute to work, to my commute to school, and eventually, my commute to home. And then I was hooked, and my real life became the art studio.

As the number of people watching my videos grew, I started spending more time working on the video every day, then even two or three hours. And when my girlfriend and I got engaged, I realized how much more time I was spending making and sharing online videos than I was spending with her. So I decided to make our relationship a priority and essentially create a YouTube channel for her as well. In February 2018, I created a channel called “Cleveland’s Most Loved Artist.” On the channel, I’ve created about 100 videos, and most of them have been channel favorites.

Have you ever watched multiple videos from the same channel in quick succession to better understand the concept behind a certain artistic medium? Is it something you can teach your children or teach people you’re working with? All these things are examples of the purpose of the online community: sharing ideas, information, knowledge, and providing resources.

Online communities encourage the idea of seeking out and pursuing learning. If you create something of value to others, others want to hear more about it.

For example, I’m getting a lot of great feedback from teaching my classes online. I’ve discovered that people like the idea of learning something new and looking at different ideas of ideas because that can always be improved upon. If you make something of value to others, they want to know more about it. You may not get paid for teaching through online communities, but as an artist, you may get cash for just sharing a piece of art, or making videos, or creating YouTube clips.

So what is the purpose of online learning forums?

Having a study group, or classes that you teach, is another way to leverage the benefits of online learning. Because no matter how focused you are on pursuing a specific goal, it’s always exciting to be in a group and maybe get there faster than you thought you could.

Ultimately, as an artist, an online community means your brand and your image have a much bigger platform to be used and shared. And the more people you’re in the internet world — whether it’s YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any of the biggest online markets — you’re reaching many more people than in your real world.

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