What Is The Point Of Pretests In Online Learning

Do students just need to learn at the pace that the game is devised for them?

What Is The Point Of Pretests In Online Learning

By: Teshyra Tolefree

Need help with courses? Make a short oral attempt at a different version of a text, sentence, diagram, or even a small patterned diagram, whether it’s a script or hand written script. Do it at the other instructor’s mark, when both instructors are watching, just like they would any other exam. Then pass on the clip as a lesson, submit it to your teacher, and feel as though you did some actual real work.

Pretesting is helpful! You may feel and sound more confident when a video of you taking a portion of the syllabus happens to have a journal where you can record a note. So how do instructors handle pretesting and video renditions of students?

Do’s and Don’ts

Not long ago, I had a group of high school students who told me that they were regularly practicing with random online educational sites. When I asked why they did this, the most common response was that they didn’t have the time to take the course. However, the students preferred the exercises to do at home or on the weekend. Everyone simply wanted to get a little work done, even if it meant taking one of these shorter videos. Apparently, it’s a good idea to pretend that you’re taking the course, but don’t make it official.

This rule applies to online tests as well. There are some good reasons why you should pretend you took an online exam, like practice for the final exam. Unfortunately, there are also many reasons why you shouldn’t pretend you took a test. You are not performing a classwork. You are not pretending to do what your teacher tells you to do, so there’s no way to monitor your efforts. You’re not working off a teacher’s directions. So pretesting is helpful for some things, but don’t make it a formal test.

Not Just For Online Debates

A typical online debating course would use both online video conferencing and examination like tests to test responses. Whether you use written or spoken responses, the online version would generally give you a chance to block out questions, use humor, just be yourself, or even make your own responses.

Pretesting videos are not just a substitute for online debates either. They are just one part of the college assessment. The videos give you a chance to practice for the test, write out your own answers, and write everything out on paper. But some questions may not be connected to a written exam. If that is the case, you need a more formal assessment.

This Is The First Thing I Said To You!

I told everyone in my workshop that I’m a University professor who loves teaching college courses. I find it extremely motivating to see the way that students who’ve taken a few weeks’ worth of my courses come to interact with the course materials. My institute really cares about teaching technology, and that’s why we love showcasing it in our workshops. Sometimes it just takes a few weeks for students to dig into the material, review everything, and then come back with a sketchy understanding of it all.

So that’s why we try and make pretesting online as helpful as possible for everyone. We want students to feel more like part of the classroom and less like understudies. We want students to feel like they are improving and that their work will ultimately be noticed by people. The goal is to make pretesting a language that we use because it’s important for everyone to use.

Pretesting video renditions of study aids and reading tests are just a small part of the process of doing college material. People sometimes think this means that pretesting is something you do only for online classes or that it’s an exam in and of itself. I think that’s false. Pretesting a few minutes or a video version of the same coursework is helpful, helpful, helpful. It shows you how to get started, and how to learn new material that you would otherwise need a lot of practice with. It’s all part of the college math of taking college lectures and then filling out different resources to practice.

Next time you’re thinking about pretesting some student material, get in touch with your teacher, contact your institution, or write the institution’s website with any questions you have. The best way to help students with any of this is to be sure that you’re talking with the right department person and this is also the best way to make sure that your pretesting is authentic.

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