What Is The Online Learning Academy Near R.a Long In Longview Wa

The Online Learning Academy is among the longest-lasting businesses in Longview. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is The Online Learning Academy Near R.a Long In Longview Wa

Sometimes, road trips can lead to educational splendor. The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (ARKTRANS) in Longview, Washington, now has its sights set on providing a online public education for its citizens. The agency is looking for applicants for the new Arkansas Online Learning Academy (ArkOlive). These individuals will help ArkOlive provide benefits to the citizens of the state of Arkansas.

Benefits of ArkOlive

A handful of existing online schools around the country already help students understand courses from elementary through college. That’s where ArkOlive comes in. Now, ArkOlive is looking to expand their learning platform and provide a better educational experience to the residents of Washington. Once active, school classes will start early in the morning and run into the evenings. The classes will be available only to students who live in Arkansas and are over 18 years old.

What the Online Academy Has to Offer

The online learning academy will be located near R.A. Longview Road (R.A.L.Y.). This route has over 175,000 daily vehicles. In fact, during the early morning hours, 1,730 trips enter and leave R.A.L.Y. According to the magazine Report on Pollution, these 10 miles of roads is responsible for 35 percent of the homes in Longview. This makes it a traffic hotspot.

The Arkansas Office of Education seeks to counter the ever increasing traffic jams in the area with public learning opportunities. Students can apply to participate in the online school. Unfortunately, there are only 200 spots available for kids. However, the school is accepting applications until December 11, 2018. They want to give first-time applicants the chance to see if they could benefit from a better education in Arkansas.

Benefits for Kids

ArkOlive could be beneficial for students and parents. It will give families an option to see if they will benefit from a better learning system in Arkansas. Children and parents can put a price on the opportunities of ArkOlive. There are 16,000 kids aged 12 to 18 in the Adequate Education Program (AEP). The AEP stands for “Adequate Measurement.” Their funding comes from motor fuels taxes. The AEP provides funding for children in public schools that can’t meet the state’s necessary standards. They find it difficult to offer children with children at risk their education.

This could be a fresh approach to Arkansas Public Schools. Only eight percent of ArkStudents attend a public school that meets the state’s academic standards. Six percent of that eight percent are in one of the state’s poorest school districts. The AEP relies on $265.1 million in federal funding each year. Arkansas pulled from that funding to build infrastructure and fund its court case while fighting against another state’s attempt to regulate those funds to create a Kids Educational Fund. Without this funding, Arkansas may start closing schools across the state.

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers in Arkansas have no shortage of challenges. Federal funding is dwindling. Four percent of the $265.1 million made available for Arkansas schools each year is earmarked for teacher salaries. This gives instructors that teaching history in elementary school an average salary of $35,389. That’s more than $8,000 short of the state minimum.

ArkOlive is one of the few online schools in Arkansas that provides additional compensation for teachers. The online schools provide expertise and pay out bonuses when a faculty member serves on an advisory board, works with students on a team, or contributes to an online production.

What Does the Future Hold for ArkOlive?

ArkOlive seeks to help improve education for Arkansas residents. The online school aims to show kids their possibilities. Teachers can take advantage of opportunities to grow as teachers. By providing real-time feedback, ArkOlive promotes cross-curricular thinking in Arkansas public schools.

It may seem like a strange new venture for Arkansas. However, education is a huge part of the economy in Arkansas. Studies show that students in higher education have a higher job opportunity than those who have not gone through the institutions. That’s not a large surprise when you consider the cost of a liberal arts education. While many states heavily rely on federal funding to fund public schools, Arkansas is open to competitive funding from the private sector.

For ArkOlive, this is an opportunity to give better educational opportunities to the Arkansas community. Once they prove their worth, the state will step in and provide additional funding. The students in this partnership will continue to take classes after school through ArkOlive.

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