What Is The Online Assessment Approach For Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative learning is transforming the way teachers teach and evaluate, but can they be delivered using new online assessments?

What Is The Online Assessment Approach For Collaborative Learning?

By Maira Knitz, EdD, Teaching & Learning Professional

One of the most exciting new opportunities for students in collaborative learning is online assessment. Taking an online test can be an efficient, efficient, and even effective means to gain recognition and recognition of the learning outcome you are designing and assigning.

Unified methods for testing

Like standardized testing, online assessment offers several options that address different opportunities for learning support. You are free to select whether you wish to rely on online testing of any type. It is up to you to make the choice which method to use. No matter what you choose, your tests will be made by a qualified testing provider. I know from experience when you are familiar with a test provider, they will offer you all of the testing facilities that they have available, and you will get an accurate, contextually tailored, and customized test experience. Also, your time will be well spent on the tests that you have selected.

All of the different types of online assessment have their benefits for online teaching and learning:

• A “plug-and-play” option, which can be tailored for each type of student and presented to them at a glance

• Partnered one-on-one or larger class-wide assessment

• Pre-assigned assessments of small and large groups of students for support and immediate assessment

In-depth assessment

You can take a lengthy exam, so long as the learning outcome is also offered in an integrated online method. When you build the learning outcome, you want the student to be able to receive that learning in whatever format that makes sense for their abilities and needs. There is a learning advantage for the student who receives individualized tests on a regular basis. When you attach computer-based software that enables the student to participate in the assessment anytime and from wherever they are located, that’s just plain smart. After all, the best teaching involves quality assessment from all sources.

Unified assessments of students with different capacities can be meaningful, but it’s up to you to determine the appropriate model for each cohort of students. While many assessment systems were launched to meet growing opportunities and concerns, it is important to remember that they have a limited function. We should stay away from cutting-edge tests that are designed for only certain groups. Don’t be pressured into doing so because there are commercial applications for your certifications or professional development. These types of tests should be utilized with caution and, if at all, they should be limited to less than 10 percent of a cohort. Think of assessment not as a commodity, but as a treasure. Keep it treasure, and only use it when you have demonstrated a high level of rigor in your practices.

Imagery and data management tools are a gold mine for teachers. You will continue to be able to use innovative techniques and tools in a way that meets the needs of your learners. Sometimes instructional support may be offered for a number of years, depending on the individual learners ability.

It is OK to try what will be new and of interest to you. There is a famous statistic about how successful experimental results are often not replicated. If in any way you don’t understand or that you are not sure about something, you could be wasting precious time in an effort to solve it. Learn the difference between value and value judgment. If you cannot explain your conclusion, you need to examine what you have learned and explore further.

What is the objective and authentic outcome? – Any way that makes sense for what you have already created will be helpful.

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