What Is The Online Assessment Approach For Collaborative Learning Using Social Media?

Collaborative learning techniques go way beyond pens and paper.

What Is The Online Assessment Approach For Collaborative Learning Using Social Media?

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Going digital to learn collaborative tasks has become an essential way of learning what you need to know. For students, professors, and both professors and students alike, this easy to use and get behind technology is an invaluable way to learn your material and build the self-discipline to remember it.

Yet learning which exercises to engage in, online and off, can become problematic. Sure there are several apps that provide tutorials for varying conditions, but everyone is unique. In order to get the best learning experience, you have to take a step back and ask yourself, what are the right tools for this situation?

At this point, what are the best online assessments for learning collaborative tasks? Can they be accessed and used across various platforms?

Understanding online assessments

In order to make sure you are using the best tools for learning collaborative tasks, try out some of the resources mentioned below.

Selling This Technically Related Information

Equipment: Your professor can store useful data. Having this data automatically available at a can will make reviewing homework much easier. There are many tools out there that can help in this sense.

Course Tools: Aside from grading help, these help in the building of projects to sharpen and show examples. Course widgets are available, which can help you get a better view of what you’ve been working on and help improve your grade, knowing you have something to show.

Infinite Time

Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing is a real thing and it has big benefits when you use it in teaching students. The university can pull in suggestions, which saves not only time, but money.

Instructor Suggestions: Open and research your instructor and ask for any ideas on best strategies to use or break the learning down.

Doing What Doesn’t Matter?

One of the best ways to find out how well you have done is by reviewing your work, where you think it may be missing. Isn’t data made up of words? Well it is. How can this matter about learning a set of words?

It’s easy to understand this when you consider that writing is just writing, but the concept is subtle. The research has been done on how to write better.

To answer this question, let us first define a task. Think of something like solving math problems. Let’s use computers or smartphones to work on those math problems. The way they work is in lines of code. What it looks like is that you enter a code into your computer or smartphone. This code allows you to solve the problem in the correct way. Once the correct way of solving the problem is found, move on to the next level and keep solving.

What we are talking about here is getting at those mathematical terms and re-writing them. You will need to take what you have learned and go back and re-learn how to write. After all, this isn’t like a book or an article where you go back and research something and build on the information.

But, it is possible. And with this, the students are constantly improving their knowledge and gaining this technique of solving. Learning how to solve comes first, and you have to find a way to learn this on the spot.

Learning Is A Natural Process

The students are getting smarter as they learn and use these online tools and tricks.

According to EdVoice, 25 percent of teens are finding their maturity while studying using online resources. What’s more, the researchers say that working with peers and teachers via digital devices improves grades and assessments. Students are gaining this by integrating social media into their lessons. The schools can use their platforms to monitor student performance, measuring the academic growth of their students.

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