What Is The Online Assessment Approach For Collaborative Learning?

We’ve brought you live demonstrations from courses at the Fringe Festival. Now we bring you a talking/ listening game about collaborative learning.

High school students are having trouble with preparing for the demands of college, as well as traditional classes. Many of today’s students have never had a multi-year college experience, nor are they professionals able to concentrate for long on an assignment. This is a big problem for today’s education, and the solution is for educators to add collaboration to their success strategies for creating college prepared students.

There are several possible approaches to this, many of which are recently being added to the list of tools being used by students in schools. In this article we will explore some of these ideas and see what might be right for your students.

Collaborative Boardwork Tools

Over the last 10 years a major trend in education began to emerge, as discussed by the Daily Desert:Collaborative boardwork applications have arisen in schools to connect students and teachers. Using social media and online forums, students are having an opportunity to research and share their thoughts, ideas, and problems. This can be used for multiple purposes, such as assigning assignments, improving students’ literacy skills, creating discussion among peers and new classmates, and drawing discussion ideas from outside the community.

Project specific labs are becoming popular, where students need to complete mock tests to show their ability to work together or test various topics. Students who really want to get into college might experience much more success if they are fully prepared, and have learned to collaborate so that they are able to function as members of a group. A unique and impressive thing about this kind of work is that the students are fully engaged. Teachers are able to challenge their students and are able to give them a stress test, but they can also recognize those who need the help and giving them a hint as to who may be likely to excel in that situation.

Class Room Agendas

A class room in partnership has become a large part of a collaborative approach. Teaching a class by using the utilization of a classroom agenda is a great idea for both the teacher and the students. While teaching is a time consuming and difficult job, it is also an opportunity to show your student your values and how you operate. Students work in classrooms independently or in groups, but when all of the kids are working together the teacher will be able to see the learning processes, as well as the students’ mistakes. The teacher will also be able to read the facial expressions of the students, and watch their eagerness and relief after the homework is done.

Social Media

Teachers use many different teaching tools and techniques in order to teach to their students. They bring different experiences into their classes and teach from multiple perspectives. Many of them use social media in order to share ideas, meet with peers, and discuss homework and assignments. This allows students to connect and strengthen their learning experiences.

Social media allows students to learn without facing the pressure of studying or competing with others in order to learn. The students who love to learn this way will learn faster and be able to concentrate more easily on more advanced topics. Creating a shared project will benefit both the teacher and the student.


More and more students are taking advantage of podcasts as a part of their learning. Vocabulary lessons, reading and playing games, exploring ways in which to visualize word pictures, and listening to discussions about the meaning of words are all offered. Many students can use this medium to spend less time being bored and more time talking and learning. Some of the best teachers are doing podcasts, and can present easy to learn materials on an individual basis.

With the implementation of new technology, new ideas, and different approaches, the classroom can become a more interactive and engaging space. Working together for the benefit of the class and student is a skill that most students need. This makes the class unique from other classes, and helps to teach students valuable skills that they will use for a lifetime.

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