What Is The Online And Learning Certificate

What is the online and learning certificate, and what benefits should you look for? Maryanne Roller has some ideas.

When it comes to certificates and degrees, there is a whole lot of confusion around the differences between them. To be honest, it can be tough to figure out what degree a prospect is looking for or that certificate his or her peers are earning. There’s such a huge variety and size of the different options you can choose.

For instance, not all online degrees come with credit, at least at the level that you would have to put in to actually graduate. Not all certificates require written work to attain them, either.

To help you out, we put together a quick guide to the most common types of certificate programs out there. From fashion majors to home care specialists, we’ve got you covered.

Online and Learning Certificates

These are programs offered online or online. Still, there are varying levels of online colleges and degree programs — some are only for someone who needs access to a computer and requires a certain level of understanding. Online learning certificates tend to be easier to get in terms of distance or affordability.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to what you want to do, there’s a huge range of choices.

New Media

Online courses in everything from photography to graphic design to video production, including courses with various levels of mastery and structure, are a huge part of the online learning landscape. Most, if not all, require something that you can do in your office or in your spare time to be considered an online course.

Learn 2 New Media

While this is not an online learning certificate program, it is nonetheless a huge part of the content and application that goes into a traditional online degree.

Classical Education

One of the biggest benefits of learning to be more smart about the power of online instruction is that people who aren’t traditionally trained in design or more academic subjects can become masters in that field.

Internship and Project Work

While this might seem like a ridiculously cliché way to get online degrees, the experience you get while you’re learning and working for real companies in an unpaid position really can make a big difference in your opportunities for the future.

Postgraduate Certificate

These are intended for students to return to college and to continue their higher education paths — most of them, especially if there’s a gap in between high school and college.

Space Science

In this case, you’re learning in space. These programs are for candidates who want to further their studies or add to their careers as astronauts or planetary scientists.

Criminal Justice

For candidates who want to make a name for themselves with their criminal justice majors, finding higher education is usually not so straightforward. Or in some cases, they need a place to start learning. Criminal justice programs allow people to get hands-on work experience, which can actually make a big difference in their future career.

Medical Education and Administration

For those who want to either further their study in the field they work in or just expand their knowledge in general, this is where you go.

Animation, Film, Design, Photography

People who work in the industry — directors, animators, photographers, etc. — can get a name for themselves by completing an online school of their choosing.

Airline, Airline Operation and Infrastructure

A degree in aviation science isn’t anything new — it’s a program that has been around for a long time. For students who want to continue to work in that field, this is a great way to prepare for a job.


As with criminal justice, this is a certified course that you take and can continue to earn while working in your industry. It allows people to take classes in specialty areas that they don’t have to teach themselves.

Home Care

This is a field and a field of study that are a natural fit for people who want to further their education. Classes in home care are completely non-credit and allow more flexibility, because you won’t be sitting in front of a computer all day to earn a certificate.


According to New York Magazine, this is one area that’s experiencing huge growth in the employment market, and those who have a background in this field can expect career growth in many of the core retail jobs you typically think of.

It’s worth going through the process of getting an online program, just to see what’s possible, to ensure you’re choosing a right program for you.

Don’t be afraid to join up with other members of your network or get a recommendation from someone who’s earned a certificate in this field. No one wants to start over from scratch — especially if you’ve already started a career.

By no means should you simply get a certificate for yourself to realize their full potential. If you truly want to get noticed, think about starting your own graduate program to get that first degree or a certification certificate.

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