What Is The Difference Between Online And Online Flexible Learning Utah State University

So-called online courses are drawing fierce competition for students in the college course space and increasingly tough competition between for-profit online universities, private nonprofit schools and public community colleges.
One alternative program that many college students are exploring this year is online flexible learning.

What Is The Difference Between Online And Online Flexible Learning Utah State University

We begin with the application of online learning to the Utah State University (USU) program that is planned to begin in January, 2020. The university recently announced plans to expand the Utah Online College Program into a Utah Online Flexible Learning (UOFL) program. With this program, faculty will be given flexibility in the kind of classes offered and they will no longer have to worry about curriculum development in addition to teaching tasks.

While all of these changes are a positive development that will better serve faculty members in the long run, they also represent more classes for students to choose from and an extra layer of bureaucracy for students to manage.

Why Was The Excuse For Not Enrolling Themself Less Obvious?

If you are currently enrolled at Utah State University and need to adjust your transcript because of the addition of more required credits, then you probably already know about the need to update your transcript electronically. This had to be done because the initial learning institutions required for the UOFL program are becoming obsolete.

However, students were never made aware of this timely requirement during the enrollment process. This resulted in many students coming to the university with a faulty transcript. As a result, the university was often forced to alter its process to get transcripts corrected.

Our current System

Our current admission process also allows more flexibility with students. If an applicant submits an online application, they are allowed to choose their starting and ending points without taking into account the other necessary criteria. If the student doesn’t accept or reject the three major components, the university will adjust the application accordingly.

Utah Online Credit Application

However, the university’s proposal to add online courses would shift everything to the student’s side. The university would again be looking over the transcripts looking for the correct starting and ending points. Because of this, students can expect to spend much more time on their transcripts to prove that they were studying the necessary content required in the university’s requirements.

Credit completion is also focused on for students enrolled in the online classes and the process takes up more time and presents a greater danger of students to fail to complete credits. With USU adding more classes, students will have to demonstrate that they are going to be responsible for meeting the requirements for their courses.

New Policy

This comes along with a new policy for credit completion at Utah State University. The updated policy states that the student must receive a credit completion diploma if they have completed all the requirements for their credits by the third semester.

This also means that students who would have completed their credits early in their time at the university will have to stay and complete credits later and incur more costs that students who stay longer.


There are many reasons why it is better for students to have to complete the remaining credits after they have received their bachelor’s degree. By staying at the university for a bit longer, students will develop stronger bonds with faculty and learn which classes are more appropriate for their learning styles.

In addition, a longer time with faculty will allow them to begin teaching more classes that will work better for students. When more classes are added, there is still plenty of time before the first semester of the next fall semester, although that fact is not as useful for students who would like to be able to start classes in the fall of their junior year.


Besides allowing less time to get your transcripts and to be compliant with the new guidelines and policies, students will also be required to change their use of private college services. Once their coursework is in order, they will need to use the services that have been approved by the university. These will include individual classes and online courses, regardless of their classification as traditional or online.

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