What Is The Difference Between Distance Learning And Online Learning

Much of the “distance learning” debate revolves around what sets distance learning apart from other programs. While the word “distance” certainly describes the terms below, many don’t know the whole difference between two different kinds of online college courses.

The differences between distance learning and online learning have been investigated by a number of experts, and as a reader I thought I would explore the question. However, reading was not always productive, so I limited the questions to: “What is distance learning?” to “Is online learning a better option than classroom?” Below are the top five distinctions between the two.

Distance Learning and Online Learning

The high schools and universities that offer distance learning usually place the use of laptops in students’ hands to help with work, taking notes, and working with other students from around the globe. People learn by working in groups and writing. Such tasks are not conducive to long periods of sitting still. You are in control, but not in the classroom. You can move, can stand, can move your laptop. It feels good because you are making things happen. Although you may have to put up with some logistical problems, such as missing an answer or fumbling in a board room, in the long run the class will be well worth it.

Online Learning and Classroom Learning

Many graduate programs offer multiple self-paced options. A popular method of use is “Edcast.” It gives the professor access to your browser and allows him to provide teachers in the classroom with the latest grading tool and report cards. This is a great asset, because it means that not only the students, but the professor can check out students’ work on the website. They can check their grades as well as a number of other tools. The professors are able to spend more time teaching, which is a plus. But there are still some problems with the practice of Edcast. First, it’s not something that can easily be discussed or analyzed in a classroom setting. You simply don’t see what happened, which defeats the purpose of the process. The idea is, to catch bugs, not to be subtle about it, and make sure the professor is never left with a group of dissatisfied and even frustrated students. It may take months to catch many bugs and adjustments, and that’s a major challenge for a professor to clear up before he can rely on it.

Video Teaching

Some teachers use videos to make learning easier and more exciting. Some take one segment of the class and have a student make videos about it for ten minutes. In the meantime, the professor draws a diagram, explains the concept, and walks everyone through the discussion. It’s an additional unit that can be done online in a more intimate setting, in the same way that the newest film is an extra opportunity to learn something.

Final Thoughts

A great advantage of the technology is that it can eliminate the distraction factor. No matter what’s going on in the classroom, it is distracting because there are more people talking at the same time. But a professor can avoid talking by sending a message on your computer to ask you to work for an hour. You don’t have to listen to a lecture again if you find a podcast that you enjoy. Is Online Learning better than Classroom Learning?

There are no bad schools. There are great schools and there are terrible schools. There are colleges and universities with good professors and great curriculum. There are universities with great facilities and expensive textbooks. And there are people who study abroad and attend distance learning universities to gain experience, learn new languages, get good grades, or change career paths. Now, there is an online University that teaches all aspects of life from an extremely large and ever-changing group of instructors. I think students will love it, but I am really not sure.

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