What Is The Best Online Learning Platform

The Social Media is a great way to learn, but does it actually educate you? Learn about what is the best online learning platform for you!

What Is The Best Online Learning Platform

Online learning platforms offer a variety of learning experiences that can include lectures, lectures on video, online courses with online classes, assessments, quizzes, “bots”, courses on mobile apps, and more. Here’s a look at some of the best online learning platforms, and what makes them so great.

1. Udemy

The Udemy platform allows educators, schools, classes, and individuals to create, teach, and even earn money through courses that are available online. So far, Udemy is known as the premier platform for online learning and a repository of more than 4,000 of the best learning experiences.

“Udemy’s level of engagement in digital and tech expertise among its users may be unparalleled in the market,” said one of the program coordinators. “The platforms’ industry leading feature set enhances their value proposition while simultaneously providing increased monetization potential.”

Free courses are available for anyone to take, and are highly compatible with online platforms and smartphones. A program coordinator told us that a free course for a developed market like India offered by Udemy was often sold within the first couple days of launch. Udemy courses offer hundreds of entry level or advanced courses on subjects ranging from personal development, crafting skills, design, travel, presentation, and literature. Udemy’s platform also offers a free study center and an open admissions platform for students to find and join different types of classes.

2. Behance

Behance connects educators and learners by allowing them to publish their own visual activities on the Behance platform. The platform is used by educators who have the time and knowledge to write and teach. It also allows students who want to learn, explore, and foster creativity to submit short movies, apps, and other creative projects.

Though Behance is a professional platform, it has another value-added feature for the millennials. Behance has been growing in popularity among young people who want to create their own masterpieces but who don’t have the time to produce long videos.

“Because students often don’t have the time to wait for teachers to update their blogs or give lectures, they often have to freelance through projects such as Canva,” said one of the program coordinators. “With Behance, students can quickly and efficiently create their own screencasts, display slides, and publish their own content.”

Behance also allows educators to monetize their work by creating a premium tier to host lectures or create more complex content.

3. Whiteboard.io

Whiteboard is a whiteboard, campus station, and digital whiteboard in one that is used for teaching and learning. It can become your default solution if your teaching consists of whiteboard applications such as LivrPad, Canvas, F.lux, and others.

“Using Whiteboard on modern tablets, laptops, and all sorts of phones, is incredibly easy to use,” said a program coordinator from this New York University department. “I love its scalable nature; it’s flexible and allows for new creative integrations and uses, as well as rapid update cycles.”

When it comes to learning, Whiteboard apps have the ability to transform lectures, class discussions, or teacher lessons into one-on-one communications.

And even better, the platform has created a product that you can use with your smart phone. This app is entirely-for-sale.

4. Lynda.com

Lynda.com (the Lynda.com Learning Company) is an online learning platform that offers all the streaming classes and the ability to pay for course content anytime, anywhere. With more than 45,000 courses from 150+ universities, Lynda.com is the ultimate platform to find the most relevant, engaging, and unique learning experiences that you can take part in.

Lynda.com launched in 1998 and currently has more than 2 million members. The company has over 80,000 courses from more than 40+ universities. Many of the universities that teach their courses through Lynda.com include Duke, UCLA, North Carolina, Oxford, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, and more.

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