What Is The Best Online Learning For Money Management

It’s important to understand how to manage your money, whether or not you’re a newbie. LearnVest shares our top online learning resources.

What Is The Best Online Learning For Money Management

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Grammar, or the lack thereof, has long been a pet peeve. “Does “this” not fit “that”?” I’ve had middle-school-aged friends who’d call people stupid and dumb for, say, using their turn-signal to move from page to page of a page-and-a-half of English class or having the number “54” on their cell phones confused with “54,” meaning “the second,” or “date,” but not simply looking like they’re bumping up against another cell phone in a convenience store aisle. So, we have clear standards around how children should and should not use grammar. But do the same standards apply to adults? How do we separate the educational knowledge you develop in school versus the non-education pertaining to everyday life?

Amy Demko, a social media manager for the Princeton Review and the C.S. Lewis scholar for Grace Cathedral in New York City, feels so strongly about this issue that in 2016, she founded The Personalities of Community, a group that has the mission of “building empathetic communities.”

But why? Demko says she wants to hold each group accountable for being aware of their own personalities and assessing who they are and what their particular styles of living are. “And when someone is violating their own personal priorities or differentiations from their group, they shouldn’t be in that group anymore,” Demko explains. She also adds that groups should have a process for challenging each other, because individuals can sometimes engage in mutually agreed upon sin.

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And of course, the different styles of living are not limited to “personality,” but is also related to education. Depending on how you raise your child, you’ll be able to have different sorts of financial habits. “People who are challenged by math, science, or in-depth reading skills will have a harder time keeping up with their personal budgets and saving money,” Demko says. “When parents have an open and honest relationship about money, they can help one another learn how to save, track expenditures, and invest as a family.”

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Although Demko suggests that parents who are looking to improve their parenting skills create and maintain a discussion about money, whether this is a financial discussion or a life-at-home discussion, she adds that good communication is important whether or not you’re talking about money. “It’s not about being green or white,” she says. “It’s about not taking credit and responsibly spending what you earn, giving, and receiving. Building relationships about money and building relationships about how and where to spend money in a way that is mutually beneficial, not exclusive, is key for any family.”

For parents, there are many simple yet effective ways to build trust with your kids:

Lesson 1: Open your home and commit to conversations about money.

Lesson 2: Explain how to eat together, share experiences, take vacations and talk to people.

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We can take ownership of our own financial literacy. In fact, here’s a free online learning tool that will help you get started. Or if you’d rather talk to a trained financial coach, one of the country’s largest financial coaches, Aristotle, can walk you through the basics of money management.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of lessons you can take from The Personalities of Community and how starting to think differently about money and life will enrich your life.

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