What Is The Best Online Guitar Learning Course

Computers have taught us some amazing things: how to use Alexa, which podcasts to listen to and our basic email address is. Now, we’re asking ourselves, what is the best online guitar teaching course?

We love to take classes in all kinds of things and pick up new skills all the time. We get it. But who actually gets the benefits of taking classes and learning new skills on the internet? For guitarists and other music artists, it’s actually a lot easier. Basically, there’s never been a better time to find a good online course to get started.

And here’s the thing: Most of these courses are pretty amazing and have really done a lot for me. So why should anyone else have to read about digital design or learn a difficult problem with Ruby on Rails? Spend some time perusing the internet to find something great to help you get a leg up on music.

The Aesthetic Dictionaries

We’ve written about Aesthetic Deisty before, but the concept is pretty self-explanatory. Aesthetic Deisty is a blog that highlights curated videos and articles that will help you identify different stylistic tropes in pop culture and music videos.

Best Song to Learn: “The Pointer Sisters”

Warming your ears to music that you identify with? This will help you identify trends and “crafts” in pop culture.

The Electric guitar

The Electric guitar was an American invention that was invented in the ’60s by scientist Louis Joliet. Unlike traditional guitars, electric guitars have become the norm. I decided to delve into a big electric guitar library on Instructables and had a blast figuring out how to build myself this gorgeous “Arcade-inspired desktop monster” guitar. (Yes, thank you for asking!)

The Guitar

Guitar lessons on the internet can take you from basic fundamentals to serious tuning and shaping. For a general overview of music and a newbie’s guitar primer, check out the Guitar Foundry’s recently released book The Mechanics of Guitar + its 84-page lesson book. Or try Johnny B. Goode on me with their Guitar Salute Recorder Edition CD.

The Stereo Guitar

A two-button guitar combo like this is rare, so chances are that you’ll be on your own learning how to play it. But why should that stop you? Plus, learning how to teach yourself things are great for you, too.

The Acoustic Guitar

For the person who has everything in the acoustic guitar realm, check out Guitar Promise. But the above article about playing two-handed chords isn’t too shabby.

The Cage Guitar

A lot of people are interested in learning how to play the electric guitar, but they don’t want to spend all their money (and get their money back) on one. So they can try on the Cage Guitar instead. Yeah, a cage guitar. Cool, I thought you were joking. So what? The Cage Guitar allows you to use a fretless neck with a 24-bit audio processor. You know, like a guitar. But in a cage.

The Shred Guitar

What’s a guitar class without a shredder? The C-Shred, like the Songwriter’s Troubadour Songwriter’s Night Shack guitars, are very popular amongst the guitar world. (Rumor has it that the C-Shred is being used in the next Creed LP.) They come in various models and are very versatile.

The Picker Guitar

Generally, I don’t like shredding, but with the Picker Guitar, you can get inside some looping loops, and apply that to other songs you like, like ’80s rock or country. You can even get into other chords too.

The Amp Pressure Squeezebox Bass

If you just can’t get any heavier, listen to a class like Bass Drum Camp that shows you how to turn the bass into a high frequency line that’ll fit in tight.

The Minimoog

The Minimoog is for the musician who just can’t keep a beat. But you can still take advantage of its recording and sampling capabilities. I took a couple of guitar classes with the Minimoog, and if you want to give

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