What Is The Best Online Course For Learning German 2017

Who said you can’t learn to speak a foreign language online? Online courses and educational software have become a boon for language learners worldwide.

If you’ve ever found yourself Googling German language you could be a school teacher who’d like to get a Master’s degree in German translation. Surprisingly enough, it might be easier to learn the language online. Searching online can be a tedious, time-consuming experience filled with too many German sites that were taken over by third-world companies.

Luckily, there are some great online companies that can teach you the basics and how to integrate German into your daily life.

Germans at Home

Germans at Home focuses on online courses that cover grammar, beginning and intermediate reading and writing, keyboard navigation, machine translation, improving your language skills, speaking with friends in Germany, and more. The company created a language-learning app called EnglishDoJo that lets you download the lessons directly into your iOS and Android devices without the need for internet connection, and this basically eliminates one of the challenges that come with learning the language.

Sign up for an introductory level and start mastering an essential international language in less than 20 minutes a day. The courses are conveniently broken up into manageable chunks, so your sense of completion will increase. German GoHome is currently offering the following introductory level sessions: 16 days for $129, and 16 days for $149.


simply.gb focuses on short, interactive bilingual courses. These are designed to quickly teach you the basic grammar, all the accents and common combinations of letters to use, and how to use emojis. Not the most challenging of tests but definitely achievable.

Hercules at Home

Hercules at Home is probably one of the largest players in this space and offers the highest level of training, including introductory courses, intermediate levels, and advanced levels. You can either use a book or audio for all of your lessons, which saves you the time of clicking through a page.

Based in Munich, Germany, this online language school teaches on an individual basis. Choose your language and learn at your own pace.

For example, for those new to German, the introductory levels include beginner classes, intermediate classes, and advanced levels. Start out with a beginner level, which should be learning basic grammar. Beginners will have no idea what the various letters represent. There are 10 levels of German here, with options from beginner to advanced classes. Each level includes lessons about basic grammar, words, pronunciation, and how to use and speak in fluent German, short and long sentences.

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