What Is That Online Learning Website

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What Is That Online Learning Website

In the digital age, it seems as if everyone from anyone can be a teacher, with a handful of websites providing online courses for just about everyone you can think of. Online courses are a great way to brush up on your knowledge, save yourself from an expensive college degree, and receive recognition for your hard work.

Here’s a brief overview of the main online learning sites and why you might want to sign up for their courses:


4Culture is an online education platform focused on bridging the gap between online learning and traditional learning. The courses span a variety of subjects, from academic to creative to self-improvement.

Try online courses in everything from biology to business and history to mathematics, as well as 3D CAD (computer graphics). All of these courses give you the feeling of being in the classroom, albeit online.


Keep an eye out for additional partnerships with other online learning sites, as this could help expand the skill set and broaden your horizons.

Writer’s Bloc

Writer’s Bloc has partnered with several programs to offer online courses on writing. The courses range from beginner’s writing tips to professional, including grammar, formatting, and brainstorming.

Proselytizing for Writers

This new online learning site offers online classes for writers. Classes include literature and screenwriting, but are also available in other areas as well, such as graphic novels, kids’ writing, and more.

The focus here is on finding the right-match for you, helping you to find the skills you need to be successful in your field. Some of the instructors include Kamahl Greer, Ben Horn, and Camilla Banack.


Broadspot is a site that specializes in buying videos and audio clips and selling them to real-life TV and movie studios. The company also sells talent rights to many actors, actors, producers, and actresses that are featured in their videos.

Broadspot’s focus is on creating original programs and music, and they allow you to select the music you would like to play on your cover or episode. To find out what professional content and videos Broadspot offers, go to their website.

Motivational Media

Motivational Media offers online courses covering subjects as diverse as business, history, sports, marketing, and psychology. Some of the courses also center on fitness and health, with one in particular covering meditation.

Maintaining a regular workout, diet, and routine helps in many ways, both in physical health and mental health. Motivational Media’s courses offer advice on how to “set realistic but achievable goals.”

Talkite Studios

Talkite Studios offers online courses in many different fields, including legal studies, computer coding, and more. Another great option to learn a new skill, they offer one-on-one mentoring with the instructor. With Talkite Studios, there is no need to travel to classes or attend a summer camp. You can access it anytime.

Thanksgiving Box

Thanksgiving Box is a company that offers a variety of instructional videos on topics such as personal financial management, etiquette, cooking, photography, finance, and more.

Thanksgiving Box courses help teach students as well as students to teach students. They have interactive environments, where you can set up topics for the interactive game, such as quick tips for students, or the accompanying background and explanation.

Choices for online learning

If you are a technology enthusiast, you are likely familiar with some of the best online learning sites, such as Udemy and LearnHub. If you are looking for a site that fits your lifestyle, try out StudentOrchestra, where you can sign up for business-oriented courses that focus on budgeting, cooking, and more.

Finally, there are plenty of options for online courses you can try out yourself, including My Rewards College, My Edventure, and more. Each of these can help you save a little money while taking on more online courses. There are plenty of great options that are close to home, too, at sites like CS University.

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