What Is Strategy Alignment In Online Learning Place

This strategy aligns the learning environment with the learner’s development goals to ensure that the content and resources provided in online courses are best suited to the individual.

What Is Strategy Alignment In Online Learning Place

Most online courses start out by selling the promise of a better learning experience. As part of this promise, instructors often request essays and other assignments that students are still preoccupied with. From this hope, the professor designs a course wherein students get better at the material and eventually graduate. While this may be a great way to compensate for the fact that most people do not plan to be professors themselves, you can avoid the stress of finding ways to incentivize students to take their coursework seriously by using strategies that can boost their self-esteem.

Instead of trying to change people’s minds about online learning, consider using strategies that will help them actually learn. Here are 5 tactics you can employ so that you can focus on teaching and not self-promote yourself.

Students, Prospective Students, or General Class Members

Even when a company is trying to entice you, keeping the learner engaged can prove more difficult than it appears. You can’t do a personal tour every time you enter a space, and while instructors can try to write effective, inspiring essays, they can never be able to duplicate the depth of student response that comes with experience. Having to request essays and ask them to complete other assignments is stressful on many levels: it’s expensive and can seem disrespectful.

Take the time to explain what you are doing, why you’re doing it, and why you’re implementing them. Students who view online learning as a work-replacement system will perform worse, while students who value their working education can be helped by rigorous incentives, not intimidation.


It’s better for your company if you take less credit. Instead of rushing your classes so you can graduate before your coworkers, offer yourself rewards based on outstanding grades, demonstrating successful development of your skills, and exemplary contributions to the learning of others.

Alternatively, employees who get their GPA up may be one of the few really good options for getting promotions, which will reduce their stress and their employer’s bottom line. Reward this achievement by working from a better workspace that gives employees a private space where they can learn without interruptions.

Students who must return to work in just a couple days should let you know so that you don’t need to feel obligated to deliver but could wait until they are ready to graduate, the way you did with them.

Celebrity Mentors

Lessons on the management style of well-known personalities can increase student interest in and engagement in online learning. Make sure that every professor has an online profile that can be accessed by students as well as taking advantage of the tools that have already been built for students to learn using. If professors use digital tools, that can be incredibly valuable in motivating online learners as well as branding online learning environments.

If you’re looking for an online course to complete in a weekend, consider hiring someone to help you. Even if it’s something like a brand building class, asking a different expert (someone familiar with your business) for feedback can provide personal, industry-based context that is very beneficial.

The point is that virtual education can benefit everybody, not just its fiercest students. Using strategies such as planning, motivation, and encouragement can be part of an online learner’s everyday life and actually make learning an exciting part of students’ everyday lives.

About the Author:

Elena Lorien, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Management at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Her doctoral degree is in management and executive strategy, and she was a graduate research assistant on management for the Harvard Business School.

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