What Is Social Presence In Online Learning

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With such a large swath of Americans stating that they wouldn’t attend college if they could pick anywhere else in the world, some are asking if online education is the answer. The short answer is that it can be, but it’s not the only answer. What’s more, certain aspects of the online education industry have a more than vital role to play.

Although the U.S. government is currently producing a report that will provide recommendations that college students can consider on ways to reduce the cost of attending an institution, the fact remains that the majority of American Millennials do not believe in college education.

To prove their point, 5 out of every 6 surveyed Millennials reported that they had not finished college. To put that in perspective, some of the higher education institutions in the country right now have graduation rates of less than 25 percent.

So the question becomes, what role does online education play in making college more affordable for these Americans? As evidenced by the Department of Education’s Report, it’s not the answer for everyone. But, there are certain aspects of the online education industry that have a legitimate place in a college student’s education. So without further ado, here’s a more detailed overview of what online education is and how it fits into today’s education scene:

What Is Online Education?

Almost without exception, all college students use a combination of various resources to complete their studies and improve their on-the-job performance. They use an assortment of online resources to accomplish these goals, from their home computers to their smartphones.

However, no one will argue that social media is responsible for a college student’s completion of their work online. As a general rule, the more online they have the better for completion.

There are a few factors that have to do with social media. First and foremost, the topic is more visual than some online educational platforms will allow. However, universities that do provide comprehensive platforms include Texas Tech, American University, University of Maryland, and Texas Christian University.

This does not mean that content is created completely outside of the classroom, but the content is presented in a way that a student can digest and retain.

The other factor is that the Internet is a constantly changing environment, and so the tools used to do the work need to be adapted with the times. As a result, universities have attempted to incorporate different programs and resources that create a better online learning experience, whether it’s an enriched curriculum, online chat rooms, academic advisors, eBooks, teacher applications, virtual tours, or different teaching styles.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for students who want to complete their studies, and these resources are essential to the process.

How Can Online Education Be Used?

The most important point is that online learning isn’t a one-and-done option. College students who use online education for their finishing a degree don’t just complete their studies for the college credit they are paid for. They do their homework, take notes, take classes, and stay organized in addition to working on themselves as people.

They take the true importance of higher education and apply it to their situation so that they can apply it to their everyday lives and improve them in the process.

Additionally, the motivation to complete the classroom, online work, and homework is what motivates a student to complete their work. Of course, there is a balance, as universities need to balance these factors with the actual education within the online learning environment. To do this, they adopt a policy of facilitating, encouraging, guiding, and monitoring the educational process.

They also need to use technology to analyze usage patterns and break down learner progress in order to provide appropriate help.

To sum it up, the most valuable educational programs incorporate social media, they encourage staying connected to one another, and they set out to provide a quality education to students.

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