What Is Plato Online Learning Program Rates

Plato Online Learning program is a platform designed to help you understand how to develop your career skills, and also teaches you how to use the phone and instant messaging. Plato Online Learning program allows students to reach out and find others who have a similar interest in career.

What Is Plato Online Learning Program Rates

While schools strive to instill students with the knowledge to make a strong career choice, a major problem many middle and high school students face in life is overcoming the nagging need to gain academic knowledge. In fact, only 10 percent of students graduate from college with an associate’s degree, and only 20 percent earn a bachelor’s degree. So, what good are the knowledge gleaned from school if it’s not of use later on in life? Plato Online Learning Program (OUP) has recently launched a curriculum that provides all high school students with the tools and training to realize that their research can be put to good use in creating a career. The OUP program features an online platform that students use to gain the skills, knowledge, and motivation to master the skills necessary to pursue multiple paths. Students are provided with videos and written exercises that help them decipher meaningful tasks that aid students in grappling with specific concepts in the language of The Foundation of Education, The Essential Steps in Education, and The House of Geometry. The OUP program even offers various credit hours and general courses to help students learn over time what skills are important and help them do the work necessary to learn.

Roy Rubin, Chief of Program Development at OUP, explains that OUP is incredibly sensitive to the needs of the individual student as they struggle to navigate the complex world of college and the education system at large. Rubin points out that, “We constantly evaluate our program to make sure that the learning environment is consistent with academic psychology, not higher corporate psychology—which actually holds that students should feel like they’re lazy if they don’t use their own time. In the OUP program, it’s about creating the opportunity to learn and sharing that opportunity with others.”

The Plato Online Learning Program’s professor program (the top level of the curriculum) is based on the knowledge and skills that students discover on a personalized journey. The program analyzes individual strengths, interests, and preferences to help students achieve academic, personal, and career mastery. While the Plato Online Learning Program offers two primary programs (one for all students, and another for high school students) OUP also offers approximately 22 different concurrent courses in addition to online learning courses that combine traditional courses such as math and English with online components such as exploring different approaches to teaching and learning.

OUP allows students to take advantage of extensive research and assessments designed to help them measure their performance and gain course mastery in different areas. OUP uses machine learning and machine inference to understand how students engage with their materials and creates a game-based learning structure that results in improved learning outcomes. OUP also analyzes data to understand how individual students have performed and at what points in their courses they have excelled and gained a level of mastery. This information is then used to refine the course structure to provide tailored, personalized content and standards to each student.

Students from across the country have already completed the system, with students in Texas and the UAE signing up to take classes online.

Alfred Recht, Superintendent of the Carrollton Independent School District in Texas, says, “Like any other high school education, Plato Online Learning is challenging. It has involved changes in the curriculum itself—knowledge and awareness in a different form.”

Charles Dillard, superintendent of the Ramsey School District in the United Arab Emirates, described his experience, saying that “OPC has been a great opportunity for students to be led by mentors to bridge their curiosity with an understanding of the complexities of their chosen career paths.”

A lifelong career in education has been on the mind of all of the students who have completed the program. Not only did they develop a greater respect for the world of education, but they also gain a feeling of accomplishment and a longing to continue this interest. One student who now attends The B. V. Black School of Architecture at Duke University said, “I think I might want to be an architect. There is so much knowledge out there and it’s something I feel like I have a strength in.” Another student who works as a software engineer commented that, “My interview goes to show how students can further their education in education. I was fascinated with the role that OPLA plays in providing the students with experience of the positive impact that the software can have. It’s an eye-opening experience.”

The majority of the students interviewed commented on the ease with which they pursued their subject area by completing the program on their own. Before completing a course, students are given a virtual tour of the program’s layout and ordered to fill out surveys that help them determine which courses they are suited for.

Because this program allows the students to take their studies in stride, they feel confident in their ability to complete the tasks that will ultimately help them to create a meaningful career.

Learn more about the program:

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