What Is Online Learning Software Called?

How teachers use online learning software to teach the real, difficult work of explaining complex algorithms and scientific concepts. That sound you hear is a revolution in teaching, and it is why the online education revolution can’t end soon enough.

As a college student, I became a web user early in life, and have found no shortage of software to help me. For a long time, I mostly used personal computers to do most of my schoolwork and research. Through a series of lucky coincidences, I wound up getting a MacBook Air and a Mac Go Desktop, which enabled me to wirelessly connect to my school’s Wi-Fi and download massive open online courses (MOOCs) without ever leaving my home. When the price of on-campus college came down, I added a desktop computer for the online research. The software ecosystem helped me connect to the world, but I soon realized that unless I specialized in one area, it was too hard to manage everything.

As I was consulting at companies and started applying for jobs, I got to know an executive who would eventually become my boss. The other day I told him about how I used Mac software to manage my life on the road. “Why don’t you learn about that?” he said. I told him that I would be happy to learn.

Recently, I found a way to help myself: I downloaded a free software solution called Enfield. Enfield is a comprehensive online management and learning tool that applies virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) to the project management and collaboration needs of a modern workforce.

Essentially, Enfield gives me the power to design and manage my workflow from anywhere. With Enfield, I can use the Internet to collaborate with other professionals and maintain real-time profiles on multiple services, such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Glide, Cisco and IFTTT. When I log on to the website at 8 a.m. and check in with Slack, an AI assistant uses natural language processing to perform tasks that require quick response to my request.

For those in the industry, Enfield is more like a hands-free external hard drive than an actual system. I have access to Enfield in my smart phone and on my computer, which let me access files quickly and collaboratively. Furthermore, because Enfield is cloud-based, I can access it from any device, always on the move.

Here’s how it works: after downloading a suite of free modules, you select an interest or skills you want to improve. If it’s the eDiscovery field, for example, you may select Enfield Object Everywhere so you can access files stored anywhere and view them from anywhere. Another option may be Better Ethics, which examines business ethics and helps you build a case to better your clients. You could browse the subscription-free catalogue with 100 available modules.

Given that Evernote is a popular “sharing” app, I could take the advantage of Enfield by adding a stream of documents to Evernote. Furthermore, with HelioNote, I can quickly open the various fields in the document and add notes, write content, images and drop-in notes to the document. Simply drag and drop in a document from my notebook or into the document panel in HelioNote. Once you check all the boxes, it’s turned into a HelioNote document.

I eventually added a note to the Amazon.com app, which lets me search within the store. Once I enter my address and voice preferences, Enfield gives me the option to create, edit, and save that note. Furthermore, if someone finds it, they can send it a note through Enfield.

You can find Enfield on the market for $20, but if you choose to purchase it now, you can get a $5 discount until November 23. The discount makes Enfield essentially free, but you do need to pay the small fee if you need the Mac and iOS apps.

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