What Is Online Learning Platfrom

We know every MOOC (massive open online course) is a little different, and some of them are better than others. So, which courses are actually producing the best results?

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in POPSUGAR’s Epic Ebook.]

There are many types of degrees and certifications today available online. Some of them, such as Blackboard U and Capella Online Certification Programs, are certified professional degrees and certificates approved by the Board of Regents for the State of New York State. Others, such as Joint Associate’s Degree in Information Systems Administration or Advanced Manufacturing Certificate, are student-vocational learning certificates—programs designed to train individuals for specified industry certifications.

Below is a list of information you can find in a paper or online course on each of these opportunities. If you need additional guidance or know someone who is interested in these courses, please let us know via this form.

The Chartered Information Systems Analyst™ (CISA®) Certificate

This is a certification program designed for certified information system analysts. It is recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Labor. The CISA® process typically starts with a testing session and culminates in a comprehensive CISA® certification evaluation for examination in a reasonable time period. Since 2008, this program has been accepted by the U.S. Department of Labor, which now certifies approximately 300 individuals each year.

Developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Institute of Standards and Technology and based on academic standards, the CISA® exam enables clients to assess their future internal and external workforce for skills needed for their organization.

The MBA Program

Online Business, Technology, and Operational Professional Development Certificate (IMDTCD): A new tool to improve business performance. For managers in business units or divisions, and nonmanagement staff, this is a tool to enhance knowledge, better understand emerging technologies, and to collaborate effectively.

For individuals who want to develop their business understanding through an intensive application of the latest technology and applications, this certificate is for you. It provides extensive knowledge of business processes and the latest skills in technology to better work with others, even when technology is not available at their location. It addresses seven critical business decisions relevant to computer-driven organizations. This program builds upon the vision of interactive-paced learning and delivers knowledge and skills in a single process and delivery process. The program provides on-the-job learning and real-world experience.

Masters in Engineering Technology: Disaster Management and Emergency Planning: Learn how engineering technologies, such as robotics, wireless, instrumentation, and 3D modeling can be applied to our everyday lives in natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Take an integrated overview of approach, technologies, and approaches to guide your career in this fast-growing field.

As unemployment rate of postsecondary engineers is approaching 1%, this certification addresses one of the biggest skills shortages facing the country: engineer and technology professionals. Researchers predict that by 2030 more than 53,000 jobs will become available in the engineering field through the addition of automation technology and geoscience-based applications. In order to stay ahead of the curve, this certificate aligns with major changes in engineering demand, certification requirements, industry trends, and what our businesses need.

Advanced Manufacturing Certificate

This is a path to the Certified Manufacturer’s Manager (CMM) Certification (CAM/CMM) Professional Management Associates (PMAA®) and Sustainable Product Management Associates (SPMA®) certifications.

The CAM/CMM offers a holistic approach to skills management by providing a defined journey toward the certification. The CAM/CMM Professional Management Associates (PMAA®) certification path demonstrates effective leadership in today’s business. The SPMA® is an education and certification standard for manufacturers that provides a framework for sustainable manufacturing. The SOL marks and BOND status for critical and manufacturing capacities ensures a basis for employers to select a candidate who meets their requirements. All of the CAM/CMM programs are designed to help meet the needs of employers and producers.

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