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One advantage of real-life college is that it has tested out some pretty amazing ways to teach your friends how to code. But online learning, one of the top methods to teach newbies what they want to know, poses a serious threat.

Taking online classes is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn new skills in order to eventually earn your degree. However, learning is not limited to sitting at a computer and typing at a speed faster than a speeding bullet. Oftentimes, students are asked to put pen to paper. This is a skill that is, unfortunately, largely overlooked by most colleges. In this article, we will go over ways to learn with PDFs, while saving on costs, to include your schooling.

In spite of the rise of online learning, many schools only provide support for non-educators, relying instead on students to achieve specific findings. But what if we could go beyond the frustration of doing the exact same thing every single day, without meeting any other student? Students often believe that, if they can’t share their PDFs with a professor or other academic advisor, they have failed in learning. Even if we spend our spare time exploring the world through books and websites, can we ever truly feel like we know what we’re doing?

The simple ways to learn PDFs without being able to reference traditional sources

Researchers find that 3 percent of the adult population use PDFs every day. While many of these people were born to tech-savvy parents, many of these users are the first in their families to carry some sort of a smartphone. Back in college, we studied every nook and cranny, discussing every detail with trusted advisors and professors. But we often skipped doing so when it came to developing our own PDFs. At one point in our life, this was simply too much. What’s easier: Paying hundreds of dollars each month to a school that doesn’t help you learn better, or creating your own handy little worksheet?

You don’t have to be a technical genius to create, edit, and discover PDFs. The important thing is to know how to read something written in a language you will need to take with you when you move on to college or a career. Our thesis is that we’re all burdened with a lot of baggage. As we grow as a person, we often take from our life experiences and let them show up in our work. As we learn new things, the more we can harness the wisdom we’ve acquired and make them easily accessible to others, to create efficiency and utility.

Use this simple PDF user manual for textbooks.

There are endless options available for graphic tools, with titles you can’t begin to comprehend without consulting a source that can help explain them. But that’s where a basic PDF user manual comes in. If you’re unsure about how to create and edit a page, read these prompts before you download PDF files. It can be hard to write in an easy-to-read format for someone who is unfamiliar with the general concepts behind the work. The PDF user manual could be a huge aid in keeping these tasks within reach.

There are dozens of user manuals you can get. Personally, I only use this one when I want to create a worksheet for notes. It provides a touch of common sense. While using Reddit, I first learned to create headers and footers for PDFs for better spacing. Then, I learned what to look for and what not to look for in words-on-paper pages. We eventually graduated to lighter HTML, CSS, and the like. The result was a readable working document that was more clickable than other workarounds we initially tried.

A PDF, though, is not enough. As something of a rambling professor myself, I recall spending all semester in college trying to compile a single, overarching PowerPoint for an entire class. The fact that you have to call your research advisor or professor to place a comma, and make sure it matches your existing research materials, just doesn’t feel like learning. Sure, online learning can facilitate that. But everything we’ve learned about PDFs can’t be conveyed in the form of a simple images, graphs, and videos. Your learning opportunities don’t have to stop with the click of a mouse.

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