What Is Online Learning K – 12

Online learning is an option for all teens and grown-ups, regardless of their academic and financial backgrounds. Online education is free of any cost to the student.

These days, it’s easier than ever to access learning online. The fact is, the Internet is awash with education opportunities. From homework help to top-notch lessons, your child is sure to find an array of resources for learning in a number of different ways online. Following are a few examples of learning online.

How do you get to these online learning resources? Well, for the most part, they’ll be for free. Ideally, a parent can always ask for personalized help in class, but if you are unfamiliar with the nuances of teaching – or need help with a subject – you can usually get help with assignments and quizzes online through the platforms or platforms designed to assist students. Overall, you need to learn to have a number of bases covered in case your child gets lost. In other words, you want to have multiple ideas that address each area of interest.

Good Example of a Strong School Web site: Google School Central

With the millions of excellent resources available to it, it is no surprise that Google provides a wealth of free resources for teaching online. Their vast collections of videos can be used as a starting point. YouTube is also a great tool for video help, as are the numerous music videos on the site. Anyone who needs assistance on a subject will find it anywhere on Google.

Good Example of a Strong School Website: Cambridge*

People can be quick to criticise for not having their kids perform chores around the house. There is something exciting and fun about handling things yourself that is lost when you leave the responsibility to someone else. Cambridge will go one step further and provide your child with an animated computer learning program that helps to teach students how to move from what they know to mastering certain concepts. It might be an investment, but that is the cost of learning that our kids will pay for long after we are gone. The same is true with Google teaching students how to use Gmail or the basics of WordPress.

Games: Play at Home

While lessons are designed to be enjoyable and interactive, it is important to note that some games are more similar to a game than a formal lesson. Fortunately, there are many of these out there. Here are a few:

Consult Your Child’s Teacher

Make sure you know your child’s teacher. The nature of school has changed considerably over the years. Whether that means that the teacher is a combination of both or is leaving the institution, it’s critical that you know why. Whether your child is enrolled in a traditional classroom or a small online school, it is imperative that you know what their approach to teaching is. You need to take their approach into account to be sure your child gets the best education possible. Remember that as your child graduates from high school or college, they are going to be faced with new challenges. It is critical that you have a good idea of how your child is doing, so that they get quality tutoring and a set of follow-up activities.

Read Reviews

Even if your child is enrolled in an online school, the industry can be a challenge. With hundreds of schools and boards that you must be careful to learn about, that can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of online review resources available to you, online libraries or web portals. The first thing you will want to do is read the reviews and get opinions from families that are in the same predicament as yours. The review websites can be something as simple as saying ‘Why do you think this school is great’ or ‘It’s not’. You will also want to read about any complaints, past mistakes, different approaches to teaching and other telltale pieces of information.

Another question that you can ask for is what price range your child will receive quality instruction at. If the school is priced at $5k per year, that’s what it is going to be and it is good to know that before you jump in with both feet.

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