What Is Online Learning In A Thesis

All you need to know about learning a method of language and culture like American Sign Language.

As a mom of two and a high school English teacher, one thing I know more than anything else is how difficult it is to find the right time to pursue a school degree. That was most obvious the first time I went back into the classroom for a teaching certification course, after many years of putting my education on hold. The self-designed curriculum I had created and developed online in hopes of getting a college degree had proved to be incredibly successful, but I was still dealing with numerous restraints, which meant that I only had a little time to enjoy the academic process and the benefits it provided. My son’s first year of elementary school continued to creep closer and closer to his eleventh year of high school. I knew the time was coming soon, and in the frenzy of finding some time to kill before he needed me more, I couldn’t find the time to seriously pursue my education degree and figure out how to continue pursuing it as well. In retrospect, I’m thankful that I wasn’t more dependent on my son for childcare. He took the load off me from his fourth to sixth and seventh grades.

At the beginning of my eleventh year in high school, I found the time to work on my English A4 and English B2 entries. During that time, I amassed over 200 pages of reading and nonfiction work — all of which I used in my final project. I didn’t find the passion I was searching for to pursue a college degree, but I did find the right time and conditions. In my thesis paper, I used the reading list in my book to expand the research into the scientific foundations of the language. In the end, I got my diploma.

Yes, in my first semester of college, I took an English I seminar — of course, I eventually decided that this was not my academic fate. It took me two more semesters of college before I finally graduated, but it was worth it. Getting that diploma from a local two-year college was the best feeling, I could have asked for. After it was a done deal, the only regret I had was that I didn’t do it sooner. Once I became a teacher, my college major of correspondence studies afforded me the time to help other teachers feel confident in their teaching abilities. In doing that, I still continued to receive online graduate credit, and within a year, I had earned my master’s degree.

Still, I realize that every family and every situation is unique. It’s sometimes even impossible to ask friends and relatives to help you out with your educational goals. As a class president and member of a co-op program — in both of which I was able to earn college credit — my husband had to convince his parents and siblings to assist me with the Internet work I had to do. Thankfully, when he could not help in those regards, he was able to provide support for me with the alternative: That he could help me with my English and a little bit of something in class with me in an occasional conference call while I was still in high school.

Since then, I’ve continued to utilize technology to access assignments, check my grades, and make sure I’m staying on track. In recent years, I’ve begun blogging about my experiences for free, partly to help inspire other mothers of kids in my hometown and also to expand my online marketing for books, CDs, and gift items.

Having access to a meaningful education has changed my life for the better. Now, I can truly say that I own my education and that I can be proactive about its implementation. As a byproduct, it allows me to be better equipped to raise my son, make a more educated choice in a suitable preschool, and to pursue higher education on my own terms if I choose to. Thanks to the Internet, I have the tools that allow me to teach my kids one that only can be described as an absolute childhood.

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