What Is Online Learning Definition

What is online learning? Is there a definition of online learning?

What Is Online Learning Definition

Having started his Master’s degree program at the University of Delaware, Cory Davis experienced a learning curve of sorts. While he’d been a self-motivated member of his student council and active in his community in high school, his matriculation into higher education could be categorized as off the beaten path.

When asked what it was like learning at an online learning site for his master’s, Davis described it as such: “Very much like real school. I was paying my bills and staying on time. Not as dynamic, but I didn’t feel burdened as much because I was there to do a job.”

How It Works

Online learning is characterized by a degree being issued through the connected and collaborative process of an instructor-led class in which discussions take place with students. The online learning environment can be thought of as a computer room with computer terminals available throughout the room.

Even though each class is powered by an instructor, the same kinds of tools and resources that are present in traditional brick-and-mortar spaces are integrated into online learning. Davis continued, “You have a very open social environment. You can read books online and see screens. You’re not sitting in a classroom by yourself. The goal was to maintain the same culture of learning.”

Davis expressed amazement at just how engaging the classes were and how he appreciated the opportunity to engage in a space where speaking, listening, and working with his peers was encouraged. For instance, he commented, “I would like to speak for a lot of people who don’t have the opportunity. They don’t have the social skills. I felt free to express myself in a different setting that was geared toward learning.”

Davis also expressed a desire to develop the content and material available online. He explained, “I learned a lot about topics in school but I did feel like I wanted to incorporate that knowledge into the material I could present.”

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