What Is Online Collaboration In Learning Definition

When digitally influenced learning (CIL) is used at a K-12 level, the definition is kind of fuzzy.

Everyone has wanted to be more creative but few have been convinced that good teachers encourage this. From teachers that minimize the role of students and merely reinforce existing knowledge, to teachers that limit true instructional innovation, students are constantly being judged for their mere existence.

What is online collaboration in learning? Learning in today’s world has to go beyond learning in classrooms. In order to stimulate meaningful engagement, enhance students’ literacy and develop creative thinking skills, many teachers embrace online collaboration, using platforms such as Spark, Thingverse, Medium, and others to explore ideas and hone existing skills.

While on a field trip in New Zealand, I came across a project that uses the Internet and mobile devices to inspire writers and art students with high school and college levels in a dedicated online project.

Students were challenged to pen a story that used several criteria that range from linguistic comprehension to the ever-present need for real world application. To boot, the contest required their project to be linked to anywhere.

Over the course of 12 weeks, students completed each round of writing at a rapid pace, with answers being frequently challenged from contest judges. I was surprised to see how many of these students were creative, proactive and their projects showed a strong level of product design and superior work ethics. These teachers led a very vibrant and innovative classroom.

What do we need to know to evolve our “learning machine”?

Understanding and discussing complex and new skills, embedded in engaging stories, gives kids not only the experience, but also the intuition of what will resonate with others. Effective educators and mentors encourage the interweaving of concepts and assist their students in evaluating a material’s and medium’s audience. This is no different than the practice of delivering digital content to television or the recording of speech. It gives kids the opportunity to contextualize and analyze content and gauge audience interest. From an early age, everyone must be reminded of these underlying skill sets.

Commercially, it is critical that we encourage our business leaders to be consistent in their collaboration and development for the long haul.

What is the underlying math?

So in addition to the success of the Spark Competition, on several levels, my work in music has taught me that effective educators must foster a vibrant environment for their students as well as requiring them to interact with a diverse community of people, products and systems.

Concurrently, we need to keep a closer eye on learning in the workplace. Employees who are comfortable with collaboration and skilled at learning are less likely to spend time at the office just “trying it out” and will ultimately be better suited to create a more successful bottom line.

What is the nature of experimentation?

Experimentation provides freedom to explore new ideas and grow with learning from the results. In my experience, the only way to respond to evolving market dynamics is to respond decisively. Asking questions and proactively keeping up with new technologies is important. We want to avoid having another human tsunami of decision-making.

While innovating for profit is critical, as one can’t wholly benefit from personal experimentation and learning, being flexible with our business model is necessary to operate effectively and maximize our products and services.

For this reason, the endless “to-do” list is not healthy for the workforce. Cultivating a productive learning and collaboration culture is not only a great way to communicate to individuals, but it’s also important to improve retention. In fact, recent results from Gallup and GallupUSA show that the millennial generation can only expect to keep 23 percent of their job for the next 10 years.

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