What Is Not A Direct Benefit To Learners From Organisations Using Online Learning

In an online community of learner-led learning, students pass along the knowledge and skills they learn and share it back with the community, in forms that have value to them.

I first learned about the Internet for Education (IEE) at a press conference I had to attend in my third year at university. Some may remember that time as the time my lecturer, Kathryn Bennett, went on about the ways how to use online courses to improve my life. These online courses were ultimately what got me into a very prestigious Graduate Studies programme, but they didn’t really interest me. My interest was more in the social issues my country is tackling as well as an opportunity to learn and develop creative skills.

I remember that lecture very clearly. There was, in my head, that “we have to make sure we control the environment and education system to get the outcomes we want.” I took the phrase to mean that I was going to start a think tank to study international IT. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the next few years were going to be very fruitful for me.

I started writing papers and making a career out of it. Through having high quality lecturers that helped me to develop my writing, I ended up achieving my PhD through my research. Yes, I was late to my thesis. In fact, I started my thesis late, but I kept hearing that lecturers are often late and I became used to it, because lecturers eventually get to write their thesis and it ends up being absolutely brilliant. It is clear that I do not have the best lecturers, but thank god for the ones that help me. As for outcomes, I wanted to get into a prestigious business school, I wanted to study design and I wanted to learn to code. Now, I do not need to pursue each of those dreams, because I have made something of myself with just a couple of online courses.

My major breakthrough would be the online presentation course I started when I got to university. I started thinking I could get away with using a glorified oramster to create high quality slideshows, because of the flat learning structure. But I failed my first effort and soon found myself wondering whether doing a good presentation was actually a good practice. That is, until I stumbled across Flirtey.

Now, I wish I had started working on my slideshow just a couple of years before I went to university, because Flirtey has changed my life. I began taking their presentations online, but from there I took courses in HTML and databases. Slowly, I began realising how I could use these to help me write better and enhance the videos I created. For example, one of my most informative and eye-opening videos was helping me understand data warehousing, which then gave me more insight into doing big data science.

How I Learned to Make a Career Out of Online Learning

Initially, online courses were ideal for people that wanted to sit for an exams that would make their degree as well-rounded as possible. However, after having worked hard enough on the course, students have had access to an online grading tool that makes them realize that they do not necessarily need the points they are awarded in order to land an exam credit.

One of the most useful things I learnt in my online courses is understanding that it is possible to do what I am doing now, without having the same lecturers I would have had 10 years ago. Because of this, I got a job where I work with executives, where I assist them on issues they need to deal with and help them make decisions that matter. This also means that I am able to carry out my research and contribution in a more prominent way, because the position I am in now is deemed to be an important one.

I continue to contribute to the progressive discussion on computer science today. I read a lot of things online, which is different to traditional lectures that just sit in lecture theatres. I try to read an article, discuss it with other people, reflect on it for days, and then re-write it at the end of the week. This is not always easy, but I am still comfortable writing articles that impact on the technology industry. I prefer doing this online because, unlike a lecture where you are restricted, there is no set time limit when it comes to the online articles. We are at a point in time when we are becoming truly connected, which allows us to connect, share, and learn in an equally robust way. This is certainly what motivated me to work with large enterprises, trying to influence ideas and attitudes. I hope that by telling my story, you can help to get the right kind of people in the technology industry, that we will end up having the kind of technology that we need.

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