What Is Northstar Online Learning

If you’re interested in continuing your education, don’t be afraid to look into online courses. They are a great option for students that don’t have the time, or don’t have the money to attend traditional school.

What Is Northstar Online Learning

Thanksgiving 2016 marked a monumental moment for the western world: John Quammen announced his departure from Twitter. Quammen, an adventurer, excellent traveler, and adventurer at heart, started a new adventure: He set out to venture as far as possible on foot and bike. While Quammen was traversing the world, he found his self looking for the one subject matter that he loved deeply: The human connection. “Biking up New Zealand’s South Island, walking around Cape Horn, and trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro had all left me wanting to think differently about the limits we set for ourselves and each other.”

Quammen realized that he couldn’t expect companies to suddenly move to the self-actualization front. “A social media management company is not a self-actualization company. Why would they start taking their values seriously if everyone else wasn’t?” Hence his inspiration for Northstar Online Learning, an online company committed to personal growth.

Today, Northstar Online Learning facilitates more than 18,000 fitness certifications every year, including 3,000 from six of the eight White House Collegiate Athletic programs: Rowing, Cycling, Cross Country, Cycling, Triathlon, and Swimming. Recipients of Northstar’s certification demonstrate proficiency with a range of sports and disciplines including base, endurance, technical, art and precision, to name a few. The reason for this is simple: Having background in fitness and expertise with various types of sports, students choose Northstar because they want to choose the program that best fits their existing skills and interests.

What is Northstar Online Learning?

Northstar Online Learning, recognized as one of the top U.S. fitness management companies, is committed to help people from various backgrounds realize their fitness goals. The courses they provide are of the highest quality, applicable to all levels of fitness. Students can cover basic topics like basic nutrition, physical fitness, strength training, and flexibility, and learn to be leaders and strategists.

The Company’s Founder John Quammen has named guiding three key tenets that form the foundation of his fitness philosophy:

Simplicity. Simple solutions will always get results—and the only thing greater than a few fundamentals is knowing it. Over time, simplicity yields extraordinary results.

Clear knowledge and expertise. There is a time to have more and a time to know less. And knowing less doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you need to know. After all, some businesses love to keep you going with less and to keep you thinking about your next sale, great. Only if you don’t know what you’re doing with the lessons and knowledge you have can you make any kind of progress.

Proven expertise. When it comes to mastering and improving each of the multiple types of fitness training, there is no substitute for investing in the skills that you already have. Leaders are role models. They inspire those who follow, and they train people who want to follow. For the twenty-first century’s future leaders, it’s only right to invest in the knowledge that you have.

Northstar Online Learning teaches students the theory behind successful exercise routines, helps them apply the theory and build success for their own fitness career, and ultimately makes their trainers or coaches available to train others. Users can view videos teaching the exercises they may have never imagined to complete on their own, but with the right trainer and the proper tools, successful exercisers can eventually begin taking on the physical and mental challenges that often elude them.

Program Rundown

Northstar Online Learning offers their three online fitness programs with approximately twenty modules. All programs are accessible from either desktop and laptop, tablet, or phone to ensure that everyone who needs help will have an opportunity to learn the knowledge and techniques they need to reach their personal goal.

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