What Is Multimodal Online Learning

While colleges and universities are seeking ways to increase enrollment rates, changing demographics, and improve market access, online learning options are becoming more popular. Online or “multimodal” learning means that students can take courses at any time of the day.

What Is Multimodal Online Learning

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The rise of this new teaching approach comes in part from a growing demand for higher capacity learning that transcends classroom confines. For those with access to online learning platforms, it also means that learning can take place in any setting. Those with traditional formats also will find that these learning spaces move with the times, with people seeking a more flexible learning environment.

Those in charge of administering and profiting from these educational platforms welcome the change. “This is a great thing for our industry,” said Vincent Duhaime, Head of Global Product for Coursera.

“From the train stations to the offices, learning is not taking place on an isolated campus. Learning will now be a part of everyone’s life.”

This new educational method isn’t without its potholes, though. Step 1 is always the same: to create and put together an educational platform. Step 2 is the test: will consumers use the platform, and will schools make a go of it?

For this, the platform determines whether it offers the right learning opportunities for each person. That means offering varied selections to tailor content to the need of each individual student. One option may be for a higher-level student to learn foreign languages. Perhaps she needs a crash course, and she would prefer to see an introduction to a foreign language.

Another option is for a student to learn some high-level vocabulary, such as how to begin sentences with “literally.” Words like “literally” make it easy to check a sentence’s grammar, and are a great example of how learners might gain a technique. There are a whole array of options.

Now that you know what it takes to launch a learning platform, let’s look at how to integrate it with your kids’ textbooks.

What about teaching kids about financials?

Where can you start teaching kids financial literacy? In your home? A classroom? Or a blog? Chances are you have one of these options, and you might have some experience. Chances are you were taught to keep the family budget, but kids are different. The budget we have at home might be out of date when our kids have grown up, and we need to start learning about them with your online platform.

With students in many school districts requiring students to complete all their curriculum online, there’s a new demand for a new concept: multimodal online learning. Do you know what I mean? That means learning to think and learn, and with that, to engage with the internet.

“Traditional classrooms will no longer be a classroom,” said Deke Skotkamp, principal of the NOW-nation School in Tampa, FL. “Some of our best educators don’t even use actual textbooks anymore. They are now students… teachers are experts at working with online learning.”

This idea also means not just older, older students but younger ones, too. Eighteen-year-olds looking to move to college or advance in their current courses may be just the right age to get started on their first Google Earth project.

Technology has changed to take on a new role. For many, digital media is the future, and the digital world is much of what most people are living in, and what they are working on every day. This revolution will continue, and we’ll continue to report on these changes. However, learning environments and learning experiences will change as well. We have a long way to go before all of this is recognized and accepted, though, especially by teachers and students.

For more information on how to implement this kind of multisite online learning, follow all three of these sites on their websites:

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