What Is Microsoft Online Learning

Microsoft is the maker of the Xbox gaming console, the popular Windows operating system, the Skype instant messenger software, and other popular applications. Before the original Xbox came out, Microsoft did not make much of a name for itself in the home gaming world.

What Is Microsoft Online Learning

Microsoft’s long-standing success story lies in its pioneering work in the information technology industry. Since Steve Ballmer was hired as CEO in 2000, the company has ramped up its support for educational programs, supporting the education of millions of students in the United States and around the world. Microsoft has also focused on partnering with other companies to develop tablet solutions to help create classroom-friendly environment, as well as optimized platform solutions that will help students to learn faster and to develop greater critical thinking skills.

Microsoft Online Learning is built on the company’s massive success in the information technology industry. Microsoft has provided countless resources for students to learn with in its classrooms, making learning fun and engaging for students while creating strategies that can be applied in every situation.

What is Microsoft Online Learning?

Microsoft Online Learning aims to make learning more accessible and enjoyable for students. Whether students are developing in classrooms or working in labs, the learning tools provided by Microsoft Online Learning allow students to focus on the work of acquiring skills and knowing what to do next.

Open Syllabus

Windows 10 Education allows students to take coursework directly from the web. Open Syllabus offers students the tools to build a PC full of their coursework from the Microsoft Office environment. Users then can share their coursework on the courseassignments.com website or share their system with other students.

Live and Streaming

Students are able to interact with classmates in real time and can take part in both live classes and online modules. Guests may need permission to take part, so this is a software-based operation and should be used to suit specific needs of the teaching environment. However, as teachers can monitor the live live space and grade the class without the need to open the class, Live and Streaming allows teachers to run school online and focus on helping students learn.

Student Activity

Surrounding the coursework on Windows 10 Education is a suite of Microsoft tools, such as TellMe, ScribbleMe, Profiles, Project Management, and more. Students can use these systems to create their own online journal or interaction with one another for online courses.

Show Me

Students can do one-to-one courses by bringing a Windows laptop to a classroom, but for group instruction, class members can enter information to form a collaborative work flow and view additional documents together, on a shared screen.

Student Collaboration

With the information sharing features provided by Windows 10 Education, students can work together on projects and produce their own web-based tutorials. Any student in the class who wants to participate can access documents from Windows 10 Education and work on them together.

Research Resources

Students can access online materials to aid with homework or research to assist with learning. The materials provided by Windows 10 Education help provide resources for classes to help students gain access to information and to help them with their studies.

Bing Learning Search

With Windows 10 Education, students can search for and find their classes online. These include their classroom, professors, syllabus, assignments, and quizzes. The Bing Learning Search will also tell students about other activities that students can participate in or utilize to build their knowledge.


Based on the success Microsoft has had with Bing Search and other search technologies, Bing Learning allows students to use search tools to help them learn. Students can answer questions about the topics they are studying with Bing Learning, or perhaps they can ask a question of their own to get answers from search results.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an AI computer that uses cognitive computing to analyze the world and research and solve complex problems. Whether the system needs to check email, answer students’ questions, or research answers to work-related questions, students can use the Watson solution to find useful information about their studies and move their studies forward more easily.

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