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This days people don’t need to learn anything in the real world (or at least not in person!) due to technology or just the convenience of watching TV. So it seems odd that students in U.S. are still so eager to learn a real physical experience. You can often find high school classes that teach students how to auto shop, mechanical engineering, math, and even painting! But there are a few things that can really be learned from classes taught online. Here’s a primer on the physical and virtual learning experiences.

Picture Effects

Picture is power and also the basis of the digital age. But how does that work? And more importantly, does it affect an online student? If digital information can change images in your head, then what impact is this having on your learning?

Imagine the illusion that a digital reproduction of a person’s face is moving and that it can really influence the way that you think and feel about that person. It is the same thing as an actual optical illusion. Imagine you are the illusionist himself and the face changes color and you can manipulate that image, influencing your own perception of the face, hence how your mind reacts.

Some people consider performance to be, basically, acting.

First of all, that is an unscientific statement, it is therefore impossible to determine what is better for a real student experience: a live class or a digital one.

The same reality applies to online learning and performances. To really know how you are “performing” in front of an audience of computer users, you need to know what characteristics go into the performance and whether you are meeting or even surpassing expectations.

While this may seem like abstract thinking, in situations like these, it’s the tangible nature of physical performance that really matters.

Virtual and Physical Connections

Another thing that makes you more anxious about online performance is a sense of disconnect that comes from not being in the same space as the instructor. The good news is that the digital medium allows for these feelings to be met by an integrated experience. You can have conversations with the instructor while you’re studying or you can have real-time conversations while both of you are in the same room.

Another dimension of integration is the ability to collaborate with a group of students. So is it worth sacrificing your face-to-face experience for a more virtual one? With this type of learning, you can be a part of a community that will encourage discussion between students.

Why Pick Live Class?

In an online class, you are limited to what is posted on the screen (that is, if you are not a student). And because of this, the subject may not be as relevant as a real-life experience would. By comparison, a classroom experience still allows you to interact and ask questions and be included in the discussion.

We Are Alive

One area of online learning that has gained attention from educators is the use of wearable technology to foster social and emotional learning. Technology can be used to monitor student behavior to determine whether someone needs help or guidance. So in an online course you can monitor something in real time, and the instructors might respond even when they are not in the room. As with real-life classes, it’s about personalization of education. It’s about the relationship between you and the teacher and the teacher’s interactions with you.

In real world classroom, where everyone is in the same room, your teachers may sometimes have more personal interactions with students which can be an empowering experience for students.

The bottom line: offline classes are a safe space and often people aren’t prepared enough for it. Online classes provide the real-world experience you need so that the material will sink in more easily for you and you’ll become more productive during class.

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