What Is Meant By Interaction Aspect Of Online Learning

It is said by many on the internet that students are turning away from traditional learning institutions due to the lack of interaction. However, this is a confusing issue.

What Is Meant By Interaction Aspect Of Online Learning

Both physical and digital spaces are experiences. Interaction (the characteristics of how we communicate with people) constitutes part of our physical and digital interactions. But there is little insight and knowledge on how all the things are connected to each other and learn together.

Being an Open Creator and Regrouper

An artist who is interested in building constructs with readers is known as an Open Creator. Open Creation involves a participatory process of building with the public.

Participatory Creativity not only encourages the public to participate, but also encourages individuals to interact and create as a unit.

Open Creativity requires an open and inclusive process to collaborate with other people. Open Creation can be a social process or something more private. Open Culture is a collaborative process that brings together people from different backgrounds.

Meaningful Interaction

For an Interaction as Part of an Online Course to be meaningful, it has to include as many people as possible, but in a setting that they find comfortable, educational, and authentic.

The study of Interaction suggests that it can bring new-found confidence, life confidence, and the ability to serve others and change. The desire to practice empathy and reciprocal relationships is a powerful underpinning of connections.

New Engagements and Experiences

On Facebook, people are exposed to new experiences every day because they engage with their newsfeed. There is an implicit agreement of the use of Facebook. People are reminded and enticed by the prospect of creating new experiences and new connections.

Online Classrooms have opened up their spaces for interactions and engagement to include more people. Open Classrooms afford multiple perspectives and views that enrich and enhance learning.

Desert Burn

The concept of infinite potential being present in the interactions is underscored by the post-Burn Notice landscape of the hyper wealthy which reduces necessity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Yet there is a desire to bring people together that extends beyond idle chatter or peer-to-peer connections. People are opting for a more authentic experience to engage, connect, and communicate with each other outside of the confines of the university environment. A new, fresh, fresh experience of community engagement and experiential learning will emerge in the digital world.

Digital Mediocrity Can Kill A Culture

The notion of Digital Mediocrity was illustrated by a research study conducted by professors in New York University’s Department of Communication which confirmed that children are reared online and projected that the Internet, digital technologies, and social media increasingly define the quality of relationships with other people.

“In our experience, narcissism among young people begins by thriving in the artificial world of technology. In these environments, children are rewarded with their own style of behavior, which has direct and immediate effects on their developing self-esteem,” says Phil Larson, a former senior strategist at Google and in-company author.

Internet For The Whole Bunch

Instead of college orientations hosted online, we recommend university orientations to be attended in person and in the virtual community. For a freshman, I would suggest that they attend the orientation where they meet faculty, alumni, and peers. A spirited group of community-centered change agents is forming outside of the familiar confines of campus. The conversation is about reciprocity and a new way of doing business in the Age of the Internet.

“I would say first-year students should consider joining the First Student recruitment team and walk through the halls of on-campus community for the new learning opportunities offered and all the parts to embrace the new culture,” said Tony Hernandez, the CEO of Rutgers’ First Student, the nation’s largest operator of college students’ apartment-style off-campus residences, on establishing new types of residency experiences.

He added that Rutgers has asked the students to “do better to connect with each other to make life transition more meaningful” by identifying new experiences to do with recycling and visiting restaurants, flea markets, and other experiences. Rutgers recognized that college has created a segregated existence and that there were things to learn from community-based, experiential experiences that help us adapt to changes on campus. “When faculty, students, and alumni come together on a more meaningful level, the opportunities that are given to each other become more impactful,” said Hernandez.

About the Author:

Ethel Speight, RN, CPT is a licensed speech pathologist and a 25-year veteran of working with children, teens, and adults. Her interests are in connecting the emotional lives of young people with the meaning and elements of higher education. She is passionate about helping people to discover their own education and purpose, which is the integral part of making college educational experiences meaningful. She lives in Orange Park, FL.

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