What Is Learning Online

Do you seek learning at home or in a commercial setting? What are the advantages of learning online?

No matter how well-meaning parents are, they may not want their child away from home. This goes for many of us: One Englishman I know with whom I socialize decided to join The Remarkable Book Club of Durham because “I have children but I live on an island.” He didn’t understand that, as he said to me, “our common world language is not English, but Bangla,” so he chose online education.

Not everyone knows English is used as a lingua franca in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, but learning online is available. A.C. Robinson, Founder & CEO of Bridge Preparatory International, a brain organization and digital educational company, encourages parents to explore the opportunity: “Bringing in an online book club partner has been a great experience for me as I have also been in the same situation in gaining a great deal of new knowledge in reading international and international language.”

Becoming an online learner is something that any parent might do, but it has a myriad of positives, as well as disadvantages. On the good side, it gives parents the opportunity to be super helpful to their children. Besides using the internet to stay up to date with current events and education news, parents have the opportunity to help their children develop and improve in the various areas they learn online.

But this means letting go of your child, because you can’t physically visit him or her. So if your child gets access to an online book club, is it as great as home schooling or is it a fine balance that requires compromise? What would you consider to be a good balance?

On a positive note, when my son felt he couldn’t get to family meeting as he was itching so badly (how could he still have a fever with school upon him?), his father picked him up and drove him straight to the meeting. Once there, he got to meet his class and asked several questions. My son was probably much happier now as a result, and it was his first time to have this experience.

Learn from the family I have here in the States and you may find home schooling to be a flexible solution for your family. Here’s how we do it:

• There is a lot of responsibility and security involved with home schooling. It’s a lot different from the back and forth of online courses. We don’t have a visit to home to interact with other students and teachers, for example. The only online contact we have is when we have class meetings, but this is supervised and it does result in some learning for the students as they get the perspective from school while away from home.

• Students need a tutor in order to develop and improve their academic skills. For me as a homemaker, it is just the child taking the responsibility to get it done while his/her parents are at work. This can be done in the hours left before bed for the students to do whatever they need to do for the tutor. We also have a study area on the computer, the parents time, and the couple who has returned to work for security reasons. We also provide a weekly free communication video call.

• From a teacher’s perspective it’s much more flexible. I can have two or three classes per week instead of one or two for him to meet with his online tutor. We can actually schedule visits to school and this is the proper time to be with your child. The grading varies and so does the grades, so students can come and go when they please, so it works very well. It is also important to work with the families who have some degree of access to the internet or are reading online and so have this in mind if you think about this option as a way to teach your child.

A teacher once told me: “the electronic age in our schools has really opened up our eyes and the options.” It is certainly better than sending a child home from school, and you can make it even better with home schooling or online school.

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