What Is Iowa Learning Online

Twelve schools in Iowa have been working to improve online learning with a focus on technology by using Coursera.  But it’s not a simple fix, and the state is faced with tough choices.

What Is Iowa Learning Online

Former Students and Current Students Respond to Iowa’s Commitment to Online Learning

Iowans seem to be headed in one direction on the subject of online learning. While more and more states are struggling to contain costs and keep professors in the classroom, the University of Iowa has recently announced it will become one of the first large schools in the country to partner with online learning provider Curis to launch a new online system.

The university has been considering to expand online programs for a while now, and Curis is now the fourth online partner the university has worked with. Other online education platforms include Instructure, Montesano, and Udacity.

The university is using Curis’ platforms to deliver a new kind of online learning experience, one that showcases the full range of traditional university courses and online learning experiences. Curis will be responsible for creating the course content, integrating it into the curriculum for each online course, hosting the content on the platform, and distributing course materials via the Curis website, student portals, and text messages to students.

Through the relationship, the University of Iowa hopes to achieve an economy of scale for online courses that is far superior to the historical way it has been doing online learning. Curis will also be offering students major and minor credits from the standard online and online MBA programs. The traditional approach of awarding credit by paper-and-pencil has been eliminated. Curis tracks every single course by students who take them, assesses how many times students return to the course, and calculates the number of credits those students might earn depending on how often they take courses, how they complete them, and how long they complete the courses.

Though Curis does not usually produce the course material itself, it is creating virtual learning environments that will allow the courses to be taught entirely online. Curis’s virtual learning environments are designed to allow faculty to make student-centered decisions and updates based on what students actually need and are making to learn the material. Administrators can intervene, review course content, or question students, giving students the latitude they need to make instructional changes, modify strategies, and examine course content in real time. Students can communicate and collaborate with their classmates virtually by participating in group discussions, translating homework assignments, and participating in quizzes.

A wide variety of courses, ranging from Accounting to Business Analytics, are expected to be provided by Curis. These new online programs will be accessible at three different time frames for students across campus, even to those in other states. So if one of your students is interested in learning more about an elective like Marijuana Studies or Legal Marijuana, he or she can quickly and easily choose whether to start learning the course from home or in person.

The new online courses are expected to accommodate the full spectrum of Iowa’s students, from highly motivated and motivated at certain times of the year to highly motivated students who have an acute need to learn a lot of material at one time. Many Iowa students need specialized courses that are available only online. Athletes seeking to master the requirements for a major like Major in Business Administration or Finance want to do so. A mobile learner will want to do so. An intro to a career area like Accounting will require such specialization. This opportunity is not yet available in Iowa. For the first time, Iowa undergraduates may be able to attend the University of Iowa in any month of the year, which was previously the norm.

How this fits into Hawkeye Nation

Students are already participating in two Curis courses through the Iowa institute in which some of the courses are already being taught.

Briefly, in College Mathematics classes currently taught in the undergraduate “bachelor of mathematics program” are:

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