What Is Ehanced Online Learning

What is Ehived Online Learning?
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What Is Ehanced Online Learning

While accessible content is certainly not a new thing, digital curriculum has evolved in the last few years. The digital curricula that colleges and universities use all fall under the umbrella of e-learning. Many of them are delivered via website or digital course materials, as opposed to being delivered over the live instructional environment.

With the migration to online or “enhanced” learning methodologies, entire courses and areas of study are now available over the digital landscape of the world. Many, if not most, courses can be assigned as IELTS exams or Canvas qualifiers, enabling students to take their entire course program to the stage where they can take the exam or qualify for college. The ability to take a course part time or with a class load that would not allow them to take a conventional full-time course all the way through is highly advantageous to the student.

Intense understanding of the content

With online courses, there are a variety of ways a student can grasp and retain concepts and concepts that matter. While many of the content providers and eduware companies that render e-learning courses have courses that are geared toward students, the focus of many online and enhanced learning courses are more for training programs, majors and specializations.

If one is interested in learning, why would one seek out online curriculum from companies that teach the given area of study? Because essentially, you are already “under study.” In effect, the vast majority of a student’s learning time is already in her/his head when studying for an exam or taking a test on course material. Just because something isn’t in a list of events (or a class handout, if you prefer) on the home page of a course in the e-learning program does not mean that the material isn’t going to be understood. More than likely, it will be understood by far more students than the number of students who show up in person on test day.

Adding depth and critical thinking

Where a traditional course is often treated as a concept, a typical enhanced learning course will require a student to put in the work and to truly apply the material to see it through to conclusion. This can be done in more ways, such as through doing course-specific exercises or by making follow-up assessments at the end of every semester.

Making a choice to attend an online course will allow you to take advantage of an array of options that haven’t always been available in the past. If for instance, an online course costs less than the average course, and an enhanced learning course requires more hours of working for each hour that is in the time allotment, you might consider an online course over an enhanced learning course. A wise choice?

Are there exams and qualification exams?

While options such as online learning have allowed for more diverse options for students, some courses are still hard-coded to have an examination component. The fact that students need to log in to take the exam is a big plus. Depending on the degree or career field, exams that a student has to complete to earn a degree or certificate will probably still be required for those seeking to get their education in the academic discipline. It makes perfect sense to make the vast majority of a student’s time spend on the course in order to really understand a course and more in-depth process that gives her/him an overview of what she/he needs to know in order to keep moving forward to earn that degree.

The great news is that you no longer need to fork over hundreds of dollars for a replacement exam or if you had to re-take the test. With the explosion of test taking resources that can be gathered online or as part of the course, there is no need to put yourself or your finances through further financial anxiety for a retake or a new examination. Simply enter in your credit card number online and if you require more than a standard re-taking or scrutiny of documentation, simply ask the instructor at the time of the exam (e.g., cover notes, SAT scores, etc.) or ask the proctor at the time of the exam (e.g., text book excerpts, quizzes, etc.) for the citation that does not match the one that you provided. Then log out, so you have no contact or connectivity with the examor at the time of the test.

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