What Is Distance Learning? What Is Online Learning? How Can They Defer? Presentation

Presentation: EdBible publisher answers what Distance Learning and Online Learning means to you.

Sometimes it can feel like distance learning is exactly like college. We use textbooks, we’re less likely to sit in front of one with a blank screen, and we’re subject to the higher SAT, GRE, and other higher evaluation standards at the end of it.

But how much is it really like college and is distance learning too much like college?

Distance learning can be defined as education that involves online interaction with other adults who are involved in learning with you. But unlike college where the social environment is limited to professors and peers, distance learning teachers can contact you, have your opinion, and be guided by you.

You can be guided through concepts, quizzes, and assignments.

The class can be continuous or episodic in nature, where different ideas are presented to you once per lesson or assigned topic.

Because some courses are packaged with materials like the Google Play Store, students often find themselves purchasing what they need instead of trying to create on their own.


With a brand new program like MOOCs, distance learning classes could never be as comprehensive. But if you’re spending your first year at your new school and need to enroll in the Class, there are resources available to help you.

When searching for a class in your city, it’s important to know that MOOCs need to meet Title IV standards – whether you need it or not. But once you complete your course at your university, do be sure to take a look at the license – know what it means and why you need it.


A good way to build your distance learning knowledge is to find a few resources that support some of the issues you might encounter. These include:

Are You in a Class Online?

Some classes you may encounter online are catered toward students who want to join a close-knit online social network and virtual world. For students who want to go through a more structured process, this could be the perfect class for you.

However, the best thing about college is that you don’t necessarily have to. Instead, you can join groups that cater to you – and these could be your students.

Are Distance Learning Classes Subject to Higher Standards?

Some distance learning teachers do not have the resources or access to students at their school, so they are subject to higher standards than a traditional college or university.

Some also consider online courses to be curriculum rather than real learning. This means that students who are not physically present with you but are available to ask questions or help you are considered an equal learner, according to Distance Learning Standards.

This is an excellent goal to strive towards, but not an easy one. First of all, you have to make sure you and your teacher are getting to know one another and what your goals are for the course. If you don’t get along with your teacher, it’s very likely you won’t be effective – but if you are diligent enough and have a good working relationship, you can achieve your goals without the need to be there.

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