What Is Distance Learning Online

What is distance learning online? Separate from distance learning in classrooms, distance learning online makes use of an online learning community to provide college credit and continuing education programs.

What Is Distance Learning Online

Remember when we said we’d wait for the best online platforms to get started? Well, not exactly. Unless you really can’t live without them or are waiting for a company to get all their accounts up and running, you’re going to have to plug into a couple of options and experiment before you find your big U-roll. I’m not saying that there are a million options out there, but just because the best ones are out there doesn’t mean that they are exactly the right one for everyone. The range is a vast one and there are a whole lot of variables to consider when putting together your U-roll.

That said, there are a few situations where you may want to take a look at distance learning online. It could be for kids, a teenager, a spouse, parents or anyone else you care about.

Motivational Therapy

When counseling somebody, the counselor is familiar with him or her and will give you context for your conversations. There are plenty of counselors out there who work with smaller groups and you can’t necessarily be certain that the counselor is the same as the person you’re counseling and that you will be able to get the same quality of service from them. Letting your student work with multiple counselors means that the quality of counseling that the person receives will be based off the mental health and well-being of everyone in that group. However, let’s be realistic. If you think that the counselor you’re using is the same as the one you will see yourself in, you will find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. The better option would be to let the person work with a different counselor and see how that counselor’s services compare. This is known as delegation.

Programs such as the University of Richmond’s program might be worth investigating. This program takes it to the next level by actually allowing students to get credit for the courses they take. You will get information on whether or not you are applying to in-state colleges or will be going off to private universities, but the credit lasts forever. I recommend giving it a shot and see if it’s an option for you.

Courses such as this are usually univeristy-wide but will allow you to adjust the class schedules yourself. There are also some social networking websites and websites that allow you to curate your friends list so that your friends also have access to the classes you will be taking.

Sometimes Edmodo will offer courses to students that you can choose from. These courses are not usually very competitive, but you still get to work with a teacher that you know. Of course, if you know the teacher and you’re comfortable with them, they will have an easier time teaching you the material. You also get to customize your schedule with other members of your group as well as your teacher and get access to a virtual whiteboard.

Group Texting

Another option that I’ve discovered is that people who don’t actually take classes can have the option to take groups of their friends and work on projects together. You could have friends make vlogs for YouTube and/or create how-to guides on YouTube. You could have people who just don’t want to sit at a desk and work on projects together be given the opportunity to do so. This allows a better aspect of socializing with your friends while you work together to create a project together. People will be more creative when they aren’t being in the same room. Also, by using videochat, you can create a more interactive work environment.

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