What Is Central To Language Learning In Both Online And Classroom-based Environments.

Understanding the central principles of language development in all environments.

There have been quite a few studies in recent years that attest to the importance of oral and written language in boosting educational outcomes. With that being said, it is important to understand what is in play for those who are sitting in front of the computer screen or a class room setting with traditional instruction. What is your learner looking for?

It seems that this is no longer just an individual, although many readers will ask. Quite frankly, the learner is a whole family that everyone wants to facilitate. There are both students and teachers of course, and both of them are looking for better standardized outcomes and higher share of the revenue pie.

Both models (online and offline) have different influences on what the learner is looking for, so a couple things to keep in mind are:

How would a student get the class to focus on speech and writing?

Are there different ways to approach these issues and solve them in your own methodology?

Let us take a look at some examples of where both types of issues and technology intersect.

What Drives This Learner?

Very similar to the resource mindset that was used in the previous example, it seems that this class could be trying to really improve skill sets. In this case, the learner is looking for more explicit knowledge of how to express oneself in language.

This could be an example of an elementary class learning some type of word association and decoding.

Putting in the room to work for the course in this case would provide clear opportunities for the students to personalize what they are using for this task. For this scenario, the tutor would be setting the blueprint for learning, but the classroom teacher would be using the technology to help further learn the material.

One factor that must be considered is when the tutor is coming from outside of the classroom. It is easy to create a rigid environment where this not taking place. Some Classroom Actives may want to use their online services to reduce travel distances for more efficient workflow.

Either way, it can be interesting to look at not only the current linguistic landscape that is occurring but how that is influencing the advancements in both types of educational models.

School or Homeschool?

Rather than an adult learner, what about a 5 year old child who is a bit too young to be attending a school? Now, with a little more maturity, this individual may well be looking to head off to school to explore the world and obtain more physical activity at the same time.

Using online services, this student would see opportunities for integration with social media, other online businesses, and the like. All of these trends are developing rapidly, making the adaptive learning concept more ideal than ever for learning in a variety of pedagogies.

On the other hand, you may be a Parent who needs to get in on the action as well. If you are an Elementary Teacher and a Strict Parent, do you have what it takes to give your child the most tailored environment for learning? Often times this will be important as you look to have your child be able to express and refine their language skills as fast as possible.

Can Online Help Be Taught Anywhere?

In this example, you may have another scenario in which the student is home learning on their own. Like the younger example, they may have a comfort level with technology and they can help with the communication and comprehension processes.

This example is more along the lines of Text to Speech. In this case, the student is using G to S to learn how to create a Word document.

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