What Is Best Way Of Learning Sas Free Online

Sas is one of the world’s largest networks of free internet communities.

I am a co-founder of Rocket School. Rocket School has the mission of offering an education that is unprecedented, successful, and free. I also write for the Houston Chronicle.

I recently asked a friend of mine, a lawyer and business owner, what is best way of learning from any online or for-profit education institute. She texted me back, “Sas is free!”

After hours of thinking over the answer, I wasn’t sure what to say and ended up sharing my thoughts on Rocket School’s website.

There are many students of Rocket School, some are parents and teachers, and I just want to hear your opinions about it. What is the best way of learning from this online course?

What I thought

The most effective way of learning is in a classroom setting. However, learning is rarely, if ever, static. People can learn a lot by consuming material and then going home and re-engaging with the material. Rocket School is such a teachable environment because everything you read is done to standards. People who take this course are on their way to becoming certified.

Everything on this site is based off of a how-to guide for mastering a particular task. The easy thing for students to do is do what the self-assured instructors say. But there is another simple thing that students can do. If a teacher tells you to do this, go do it. It will help you immensely and it will be much more effective than listening to them.

Students learn most efficiently when the level of discussion is high. After watching the videos, a student can then go to the discussion sections where everyone gives their take on the material.

I couldn’t think of a more effective way to learn, and my best friend was right—Sas is free!

What you thought

I have taken Rocket School and to be honest, I think it is a bit of a waste of time. The content is pretty good, but it feels a bit like do-it-yourself for a military drone operation. Unfortunately, there is not a way to share thoughts and opinions to others. There are, however, on-your-ear headphones, so all you need to do is have an earbud in while you are in class.

Currently, I am taking a year off to travel the world. When I was in it, I was not very successful because I learned so much from all of the great teachers on this site, including myself. This experience taught me a lot about self-confidence and helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. The modules are important, but it really is the study time that makes the difference. So if this site was more of a production value, I would be hooked.

If this were YouTube, I would create a secret YouTube account where I would take critiques of my thoughts. I don’t know what you would do with this kind of feedback, but I know for sure that I would leave a note in the instructor’s inbox to let them know I wrote it. If Rocket School was YouTube, I would leave videos of people telling the teachers how their videos need to improve, because their material is in need of correction.

I am definitely not going to teach my son how to use Rocket School. I think it will be more beneficial to learn it from someone like me.

That being said, I can’t blame anyone who still finds value in the courses in Rocket School. The lessons are incredibly useful to those of us who are interested in becoming certified. So, I would recommend going. Just be aware that this can be a good idea for the ultimate “able bodied” user that wants to watch lots of videos and think about problem solving.

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