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I Am a brand new employee at a small tech company. I started my first day of work yesterday. As I went in for my first meeting I approached the boss and explained my background, interest, experience, and what I was seeking to accomplish for the company. I expressed my hope that his team’s guide would be available online by the time I needed it. The boss told me he had just recently installed the guide and was looking for someone to help people navigate the platform. We brainstormed a few possibilities, one being that he could hand it over to me as soon as I hit the ground running. He told me I could drop that idea as I was just out of college. He said he was using a different free online software for his employees to help them learn the basics of the tech world and that he’d given up on actually spending time with them in person.

I left that initial meeting with some concerns, and his suggestions were definitely obstacles to progress for myself and my colleagues. The topic is on every STEM consultant’s to-do list, and typically something to discuss with a company’s general manager. However, at this small tech company, the leadership and employees feel the need to explore other options.

I work in a small building with 15 employees. One of my coworkers emailed me to ask if I wanted to know about a new online training system called Atomic Learning. After studying the company’s website, Atomic Learning caught my attention. The app has intuitive visual guides, forums, and other articles, and works with a variety of devices like tablets, smartphones, and computers. Through Atomic Learning, I could enroll in the latest courses and train with other users already using it.

After reading through the descriptions and reading a couple of reviews, I decided to give it a chance. A few days after I ordered it I received an email inviting me to start a new training program. My training program was either a 3 or 5 week subscription. I selected the 3 week plan because it was affordable and because I needed more time to get things started.

I logged in to Atomic Learning, gave them my Facebook info, and showed them my details on an approved password. I figured that from there my learning would quickly begin. I chose a training program where I could earn Basic Proficiency Points on a device I preferred. Atomic Learning will let you start to complete basic training right then and there, but it doesn’t allow you to move any further. After reading through articles, taking quizzes, choosing “button vs. button” and even downloading the latest seven related videos, I made my way to my training. As I was learning, I decided that the brief training program that I was on was encouraging, interesting, well-written, and tested my ability to pass intermediate and advanced level tests. It was a unique learning experience that could have used more depth, but this was very much intended to be a one-time deal and I would fully return once it was time to move on to more advanced methods.

In my 3 week course I took two tests and completed a series of quizzes. I also played a mental math puzzle game. This was as far as I had come as the 26 days were up. After making my way through my initial training program, I uploaded the questions I had completed. I then immediately went back to the system and scrolled through my answers to see what I had researched. It seemed like anyone could do this.

As Atomic Learning promotes its tutorials as “Peek under the hood, ask the experts, challenge your mind, learn for yourself,” the tutorials themselves are well-written and provided general content for beginners. However, some of the links did not offer any explanation of the system. Another area where I felt it lacked was in integration with offline courses. When I was logged in, I had the option to click on “how to” links to access online courses I already had access to. I would have liked to have searched the site and looked for instructor’s names. Atomic Learning could be a great resource for businesses and training programs in the future. However, right now there is still much to be desired in its development.

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