What Is Apex Online Learning

Without a college degree, the future looks bleak. Too bad some are planning on delivering better careers at Apex Online Learning.

Think of Apex Online Learning as a cross between a company owner’s workshop and a group of teachers’ first meeting. While there are still hurdles to overcome, Apex does a good job of working toward its core beliefs. Our review of the program revealed that there are a ton of good qualities that the program brings to the table. But, there are also a lot of things that may scare you away, if you want to experience Apex for yourself.

What Is It?

Apex Online Learning helps you establish a network of human beings who are passionate about learning — not merely learning because they’re required to, as you might find at a school. The program strives to give teachers freedom to help people grow and engage in an innovative way.

Unlike some schools, Apex is online only, and there are no classroom times or start and end times. There are group chat tools for collaboration and good old-fashioned email. Users can set goals and objectives with “winnings” that, if reached, contribute to your development and learning. There’s a “student free” section that allows users to get started at their own pace.

Are There Common Errors People Make?

Yes. Many students in a class fill themselves in with self-help content that isn’t in the teaching materials and are introduced to new concepts. This makes it difficult for everyone to remain in step, and it limits learning. Most students who try to fill themselves in will eventually move on to another lesson.

What About Gamification?

This happens far too often in student teacher hybrid (STEAM) programs, especially when they are web-based. We’ve all seen test-taking environments that have a lot of pressure to meet goals. Another common problem I’ve seen in such programs is students that claim they don’t need the material but become intimidated when presented with a topic they don’t want to learn.

Program manager Georgie Blue explained, “Gamification encourages cross-disciplinary understanding by making instructors passionate and useful by adding game elements to their lessons.”

Unfortunately, the program has its share of challenging obstacles. For instance, you have to log in to your accounts every two weeks, but this can be an inconvenience. The same goes for the fact that students can log in on a regular basis (probably two) for one-time testing. It’s probably best for students to log in for a longer period, as we only recommend logging in for a day when a test is scheduled. While we like the programs ability to tap into students’ brains in different ways, we also understand that they need some additional time to work through more complicated content.

What About Copying?

Again, we’ve seen some great teachers who dabble in this method of teaching, but it’s important to remember that individuals still need to have their own best practices when it comes to teaching techniques and issues.

Yes, you can use an excel document, but it’s important to consider that students and instructors should have to make a choice based on their own preferences. If you’re making a decision based on guidelines like meetings with elders or answering the “Why?” and “Do you know” question, you are assuming the student doesn’t know enough to make a good choice.

Is It Interacting With Classmates?

No. It’s just one more tool to help users get started and learn. It’s also much easier to swap with students if there are any built-in matches. You can still communicate with them during the blackout sessions, but the program makes it easier. We also note that there is no leaderboard, so that students, teachers, and other users can have higher-than-average success.

What Is It Exactly?

An option for districts that are in a state-of-the-art building or within a large metro area, Apex partners with an educational nonprofit called Academe that provides the platform. Academe allows students to take curriculum from Academe’s libraries and access it through the Apex platform. The online curriculum includes more than 500 videos that are free for access and up to three other people can take a load at a time. You can also use your own materials and choose from many options, including showing videos for tutoring and homework.

Apex has a free offer right now, but deals are available if you want to subscribe.

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